Folly London Millinery

AUDREY a Bridal Bow Headband, with a fixed birdcage veil. Such a vibrant feel for your Wedding Day a statement headpiece with pure fun and sophistication.
Folly London Millinery is a British brand that creates opulent hats and headpieces to wear on glamorous occasions. Each is handmade sustainably using upcycled, preloved and vintage fabrics, with contemporary and unique designs.

Life is so much more fun when wearing a hat or headpiece!

Folly London is reshaping British Millinery, creating opulent limited edition, bespoke and heirloom - hats, fascinators and headpieces to wear as a Bride, to a wedding, at the races, or on glamorous occasions, by pioneering sustainable and circular millinery fashion.

Designing unique handcrafted pieces using individually selected materials, not only fabrics, also haberdashery, trimmings and adornments, which are sourced locally via charity shops, saved from landfill, off cuts or by using deadstock fabric, mixed with a minimum of new natural fibre fabrics, committing to always improving and favouring materials that have natural fibres, are recycled, biodegradable or ethically sourced. Making something beautiful out of the once discarded and once cherished.

Every item is individually handcrafted, with innovative design using traditional and contemporary millinery techniques to the highest quality standards and made to withstand the test of time. Using the ‘buy less buy better’ mantra, I offer a holistic approach, encouraging individuals to find the right piece for them with advice to help invest in something they genuinely love and cherish, encouraging rewear, to hand to future generations or to sell on.

Feel CONFIDENT - Feel COMFORTABLE - Fit with your VALUES - Does it shout you, from the ROOFTOPS? On the day, stand tall, shoulders back, deep breath, you have got this. Go and be fabulous and enjoy yourself.

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