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    Say It Right Ceremonies
    For Tab, the actual wedding ceremony should be just as personal and thoughtful as the rest of your day. Tab gets to know your relationship and makes sure your love and commitment is represented in the right way, whilst making your ceremony fun as well as meaningful!
    Greater London
    Think outside the box - it will be a wedding because you're getting married, not because it looks just like everyone else's!
    "What Tab has is a remarkable confidence and that self-assurance and self-knowledge is what makes her so good at being distinctively herself in her ceremonies. Her delivery and competence really set her apart and she is so organised and professional, noticing every tiny detail and preparing and guiding everyone so completely. Her ceremonies have a relaxed tone as a result of all that intention setting expertise. Her style is impish and fun, erudite, educated and full of tender humour. There was so much laughter and so much joy mingled with tears that couldn’t be avoided as we listened to the love story of two fabulous people. I can’t wait to follow her career as she will undoubtedly touch many lives with her subtle charisma, vitality and calm demeanour. She takes her work so seriously and as a result creates ceremonies of such simplicity and fresh joy and that can never be a bad thing."