20 New Years Wedding Resolutions

…we wish we’d made!

Don’t let planning a wedding take over your life.  There’s no law that says your wedding has to take over every second of your life.  yes its important but so are other things too.
Start early.  Whether its making 200 favours, losing that final half stone, finding the perfect DJ – the earlier you start the easier…and less stressful it will be.
Don’t let yourself get too stressed.  Take a moment, breathe and remember why you’re doing this.
Make sure you get the groom involved. Men can often take a back seat to wedding planning.  Don’t take over but at the same time make sure your intended doesn’t slack off! This is a day for both of you.
Trust yourself. While it’s great to have input from other areas, it can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure to stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask people to step back.
You can create the wedding that fits your budget. It is possible to have an affordable wedding, make sure you set (and stick to) a budget.
If you want something different then have it.  This is your day.  Do not be told what you ‘should’ have or ‘should’ do.
People will come and give you unsolicited advice and you should probably ignore most of it. When someone offers you advice, listen and politely thank them – whether they’re right or wrong isn’t the question. It’s whether things are right or wrong for you and your wedding.
Take all the help that is offered to you.  There are always people who are willing to help.  Whether its making favours, researching, setting up the venue or helping on the day, the more help you accept the easier it will be.
Get your photos right.  Think of the people you most want individual photos with and make a list and give to a helper so they can round them up, as your photographer wont know them.
Press gang people for fun!  If you’re having a photo booth or other activities, delegate people to go and hassle everyone into using it.  You can also tell your DJ to keep mentioning it.
Don’t use your own phone during the day.  Give someone you trust your camera or mobile and let them have fun with it.  You’ll get back a set of photos you could never of taken on your own.
Always have a back up. A back up copy of your vows, a back up seating plan, a back up music set list.  You get the idea.
Find time with your husband.  Yes, its your wedding day and you’ve got the rest of your life together, but you can often goes for hours mingling separately.  Find some quiet time during the day to just savour the moment.
Practise makes perfect.  Be realistic about the time it takes to walk down the aisle, make a speech or say your vows.  You want to get it right.
Test everything!  Whether its cake, your wedding day hairstyle, the shoes you’re wearing…test everything first so there’s no nasty surprises on the day.
Make sure you ask people to get you things during the day! Delegate someone for bride/groom drink-fetching etc. Often the bride and groom can go all night without stopping for a drink or snack. 
Do your speeches and cake cutting early.  That way you can then relax more at your reception, and elderly/young/photographer can leave if they need to.
Write a diary entry or blog post detailing your day. Do it soon after and remember all the great things, we guarantee you’ll look back and be reminded of so much stuff you’ve forgotten.
Be proud.   Look around at the work you did, at all the people who came , and how wonderful the day turned out.  Because it will.  It always does.

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