From Marriage Matters to Wedding Wellbeing – Magpie Wedding’s Values

Being a Values Based Business is important to us here at Magpie Wedding and is something we help other businesses with. Being clear on what you stand for, and why really focuses your attention to what matters to you as a business. It also helps other people (in our case couples and businesses) know who and what they are dealing with and makes their decision to work with you a little easier. We are proud of what we stand for and wanted to let you know the detail here today. Here they are:


From Marriage Matters to Wedding Wellbeing - Magpie Wedding's Values For 2020


Love is Love

We want to represent fully here – by this we mean anyone and everyone are celebrated on the blog and on our social media channels. No matter what your age, race, faith, gender identification, sexuality, ability or size – love is love and we want to share it. Our industry has not really caught up with this, which means at times our articles aren’t always diverse as we’d like and we are working hard to change this. (Wedding business submitting to us – please take note). We are particularly proud of our series sharing what it is like to be a bride with multiple disabilities and how businesses need to step up. (You can read some of these here and here). We are also working hard to help businesses understand the importance of this in our group The Wedding Disrupters.


Being Ethically Minded

With the average cost of a wedding being over 30K now, we want to help couples make more sustainable choices with how they spend their hard earned cash. We have launched the Ethical Wedding Show and many blogs to help you, including designing a guide with 35 ways to be more ethical for your wedding. We try our hardest to focus on buying locally, reducing carbon footprints, being vegan to supporting the high street to name a few. We love the planet right? We love each other right? So let’s together make weddings more eco friendly.


Wellbeing over Weight-loss

You are beautiful as you are – but the second you get engaged the press, shows and sometimes your family tell you have to be better for your big day. You are told to be thinner, with less wrinkles, whiter teeth, longer hair….you get the picture. We call BS to this instead choosing to help you with your mental health buy sharing support for your wellbeing. From articles in BOND Bride magazine, to talks in our Unique Bride Club to hosting Wedding Wellbeing Weeks online – we’ve got your back.


Supporting Equality

Many wedding traditions are so outdated such as women being given away, not making speeches and only being allowed to propose on a leap year (by the way if you want to do any of these that is cool with us!). And if we get too involved we are “bridezillas”. We believe that your wedding should reflect your values but modern values too – and will work hard to give you the confidence to do things your way. Weddings are about equality – which means our feminist values are of huge importance. We won’t apologise for these either – read our blog on how to have a feminist wedding for example. We also strongly support women, hence working alongside charities such as Brides Do Good – ending child marriage in the UK and worldwide.


Marriage Matters

Your wedding should be everything you have dreamt of – from the dress to the flowers, surrounded by all your friends and family. We LOVE weddings but it is only one day. What really matters is the marriage that comes after yet no one really talks about this bit. We have decided going forward that we will focus more on making a marriage not just creating a wedding – so watch this space for advice and tips!


Everything we do at Magpie Wedding falls under these values – and we hope that they resonate with you too.

Kate and everyone at Magpie Wedding x








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