11 Alternative Things To Do On Your Postponed Wedding Day

There are thousands of couples in the world right now, who are nearing their postponed wedding day or even had to cancel indefinitely due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Our hearts go out to you, and our industry friends who were committed to making your wedding day one to remember.

With months of planning, lots of money and time spent the deflation and upset is real and we hear you. Hopefully the majority of you will now have your Plan B firmly in place, or well on your way to your wedding being re-scheduled; we truly hope so! So, with this in mind, and it’s probably already gone through yours, what will you actually do, on what would have been your wedding day? Fear not, we have lots of ideas for you…


11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

1. Host A Virtual Party With Your Wedding Tribe

Get your wedding tribe prepped in advance and host a virtual party with the people you would have spent your wedding morning with, have breakfast together, drink some fizz and reminisce. You could even theme your virtual party, have an itinerary of things to do planned or just have a good old catch up!


2. Re-Watch The First Film You Watched Together

Curl up with your partner and get all romantic by watching the first film you ever watched together – just make sure you don’t have a disagreement over which one it was!


11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day


3. Dance To Your First Dance Song

Get out your dancing shoes  and even practice your first dance for when the big day finally arrives.


4. Cut A Cake

Buy a huge cake, or two, slice into it together and eat the whole damn thing! No guests, equals more cake for you!


11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

5. Re-create Your First-Date

If possible, why not re-create you first date – chat about the old times, how you met and reminisce over old photographs of the two of you!


6. Read Your Vows To Each Other

Why not take some time throughout the day to read your vows to one another – you might do this all in one go, spread them out during the day or write them down on post its and leave them places for your other half to find.


11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

7. Ask Your Best Man/Woman To Record A Speech

Have a little fun with this one; don’t get them to read their actual speeches to you, but set them the task of cheering you up and making you laugh, you could even send them questions or a quiz to help them prepare, or to see how much they actually do know about you.


8. Get Dressed Up

Don’t sit in your pj’s all day (unless you reeeeally want to) – get dressed up and sit down to eat, have a date night, or date day, and make the most of the two of you!


11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

9. Make A Toast

Toast each other, tell each other all the things you love about one another, toast your friends and family, even though they’re not with you, say how you feel or do an alternative toast, and say all the inappropriate things that you would want to say on the day, but there not for everyone’s ears.


10. Create Your Meals

Try to create your postponed wedding day meals, breakfast, wedding breakfast and evening reception food, nothing cheers us up more than comfort eating and this is the day to do it! Okay, so we’re not saying it’s going to be restaurant standard but you’ll have tons of fun doing it and who doesn’t love a classic buffet tea – lay out all that food and tuck in.


11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

11. Drink, Party and Have Fun

Drink, sing, laugh and party like there’s no tomorrow… it’s as simple as that! Most of all have some fun, whatever that may be!



11 Things To Do On What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day


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