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1930’s Wedding Inspiration with Vintage Dresses and Feather Capes

It’s all about the 1930s wedding inspiration today, and although it’s a less popular wedding theme amongst the vintage lovers, we’re not sure why! The 1930’s oozes style, glamour and sophistication and it’s original dresses and accessories do not disappoint… Here we talk to you about styles from the era and give you some perfect […] Read more…

Wedding Memories: Lucky horseshoe charms

Do you remember when all brides carried a silver horseshoe charm with them? Legend has it that in the 10th century the Archbishop of Canterbury (who was a former blacksmith) managed to outwit the devil. In the story the devil asked him to shoe his hoof and realising his customer was the devil he nailed the shoe on as […] Read more…

Magpie Wedding

Manchester Magpie Wedding Show

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