Exhibitors Terms and Conditions

In these Exhibitor Terms & Conditions the term “Exhibitor” means any person or company who has made an application for and has been accepted to have a stand at our shows.  The term “Show” means the event detailed on the Booking Form.  The term “Organiser” means Vintage Wedding Events Ltd (trading as Magpie Wedding) or its lawful assigns.


1. Payment Of Stand Space

All payments must be made within 15 days of receipt of your invoice. Invoices are sent out usually within 3 working days once your booking has been accepted.

Payment methods:

  1. BACS – we will provide BACS details with your invoice
  2. Credit or debit card – this will be via Stripe and details will be in your invoice
  3. Cheques can be accepted – please reply to your invoice email with this request. Cheques must be made payable to Vintage Wedding Events Ltd


Cancellation Of Stand Space

Acceptance by the Organiser takes place when the Organiser emails the Exhibitor to state that the place is confirmed. For cancellation purposes, confirmation does not depend on the completion of the Booking Form or the payment of the invoice.

If the Exhibitor wishes to cancel the stand space booking after acceptance by the Organiser, then the Organiser reserves the right (without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Organiser) to apply the following cancellation charge and to resell or reallocate the stand space:


Cancellation occurring:

  1. There is no charge if the stand is cancelled within 14 days of the Organiser accepting your booking. This is your Cooling Off period
  2. After this point the invoice becomes outstanding and late payments will incur interest.
  3. All late payments will incur a £25 fee, with interest added after this date.


If the Exhibitor wishes to cancel the stand space then written notice must be forwarded to and received by the Organiser not later than the timescales referred to above.

The Organiser may resell or reallocate the cancelled stand space but shall be under no obligation to reimburse any part of the cancellation charge.


3. Set Up/ Break Down

Stand space will be allocated by the Organiser 24-48 hours prior to the Show. The Organisers will not send this out as changes may need to be made up until the Show starts.

Set up and break down times will be sent on the Monday before the Show. We usually allow Exhibitors to arrive from 8.30am but this is subject to change.

Stand space that is not occupied 1 hour before the Exhibition opens will be removed or allocated to another exhibitor. Cancellation charges will apply as detailed at point 2.

Stands must not be dismantled until the break down time as this could result in a Health and Safety breach.


4. Exhibits

All stands must be staffed by a minimum of 1 person and remain so for the duration of the Show.

The Exhibitor must not display any exhibits, merchandise or advertising literature in addition to or in place of those described on the Booking Form, or that exceed the space that they have booked without the prior written permission of the Organiser.

If electricity access has been requested the Exhibitor must provide their own PAT tested extension lead and produce a copy of the PAT certificate for this and any other electrical equipment used in the stand space to the Organiser if so requested.


5. Promotion & Presentation

The Organiser shall have sole discretion as to organising and promoting the Show in such manner as considered appropriate and reserved the right to amend or vary the manner or methods of such organisation and promotion without explanation or liability.


6. Postponement Or Abandonment

The Organiser will be under no liability to the Exhibitor whatsoever in respect of any resulting loss or damage and/or under no obligation to refund any monies as a result of cancellation, postponement, abandonment, relocation, suspension and/or limitation of the Show for whatever reason, restriction on the use of the venue or any part there-of, poor attendance or any cause out with the Organiser’s control. The Exhibitor’s liabilities to the Organiser shall not in any way be affected.


7. Prohibition Of Transfer

The Exhibitor may not assign, sub-let nor grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the stand space allocated to them without the prior written permission of the Organiser.


8. Exhibitor Liability

The Exhibitor accepts total liability for all acts or omissions of himself, his business, directors, employees, contractors, agents and his visitors, and undertakes to indemnify the Organiser against any and all liability in respect thereof and against any and all actions, legal suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever, which may be taken or made against the Organiser or incurred or become payable, which arise therefrom or in respect thereof.  This includes any and all claims arising from damage made to any fixtures, fittings, buildings or outside areas of the Show venue, and any and all claims arising from the death or personal injury of any person including but not limited to relating to the supply by the Exhibitor of merchandise or samples of any kind (whether sold or complimentary), plus any and all legal costs, compensations, disbursements and expenses should these be paid by the Organiser to compromise or settle any such claims.

Neither the Organiser, venue owner nor any of their employees shall be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or property of any Exhibitor or any other person, or for the loss of damage to the same by theft, fire or any cause whatsoever, or for any and all loss or damage incurred or sustained by the Exhibitor by reason of any defect in the venue building or structure caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightning national emergency, war, terrorism, labour dispute, strike or lock-out, civil disturbance, explosion, accident, force majeure, or any cause not within the control of the Organiser, whether foreseeable or not, or for any consequential or financial loss or damage caused by reason of any such event happening or the building becomes wholly or partially unavailable for the Show.


9. Exhibitor Insurance

Exhibitors are advised to arrange their own appropriate third party liability insurance for a minimum of £1,000,000 with a reputable insurance company and to produce a copy of such insurance policy to the Organiser if so requested.

The Exhibitor is also advised to insure against cancellation, abandonment, postponement, the full replacement value of the contents of their stand space, all associated ancillary equipment and materials, and all other contingencies including those detailed in these Terms & Conditions.


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