Make Your Wedding Look Like a Vintage Fairy Tale (+ a Competiton + Giveaway)

Weddings by their very definition are beautiful events, the rare occasion when the power of somebody else’s love can actually make even the most thick-skinned of attendees wholeheartedly sob.  To capture the mystique of the day, custom printing expert proposes photographing your wedding to make it look like a legitimate vintage fairy tale with a pseudo-70’s look (e.g. muteness, tastefully de-saturated hues) and a retro object placed here and there and you have the job done! Here are some ideas that you may want to consider when booking your photographer to get the fairy tale look, although many photograph in this style already.

How to “Fairy Tale-up” Your Photos

Make Your Wedding Look Like a Vintage Fairy-Tale

Now, about the term “fairy tale”. This by no means implies a seven dwarfs, or somebody dressed in a full big bad wolf attire! Instead, the fairy tale aesthetic can be implemented with the inclusion of several mystical and seemingly odd elements. A bride exploring the misty forest? Absolutely! This will only add a kind of mythological to your photos. Think of the whole “fairy tale” concept in a kind of romantic surrealist sense!

Symbolic Gestures and Objects


Before taking all the usual wedding photos (family portraits, flower girls, first dance etc), try out some more detailed shots featuring as little as possible from both the bride and the groom. Close-ups of decorative elements (that can be used to create beautiful series of small format photo canvas prints or collage exhibition later on) and everything that works for the ambiance rather than the documentation of the event. You should discuss this with your photographer before hand.

Princess’s Things from the Princess’s Days


Your photographer should cover the entire wedding day, beginning with the early morning prep-work (the bride sipping her morning mocha, pondering the view outside the window), the make-up being put on and so forth, all of which should be photographed in a kind of modest way, emphasising the ritual aspect of it all. Also, the last brotherly advice shared between the bridesmen will surely make for an effective photograph. Just keep in mind the shadows, silhouettes, partly covert figures and objects; all these subtly indicate feeling so will work magic in the final images!


Instant Approach


The other option would be the use of instant cameras, such as Lomo’Instant Wide or Fujifilm Instax 90. The lo-fi quality of these devices will make even the most regular photo look like a nostalgic statement of some kind! For the complete photo nonconformists, a camera called HOLGA 120 Pinhole will be exactly what’s necessary. The specific mechanism (or a lack thereof) of this device will make your wedding photos look like an ethereal ceremony, taking place somewhere beyond the horizons of our consciousness. Just take a look at these examples!

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