4 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Outfit As a Guest

Figuring out what to wear when you get invited to a wedding can often be a near-impossible task, especially if you haven’t had the chance to attend a large number of such ceremonies in the past. With weddings costing more and more to attend, it is easy to feel you need a new outfit (which you don’t) and layering in less traditional themes such as an outdoor festival wedding, it’s easy to feel like you need to “look the part”. Fortunately, this handy guide contains some of the best recommendations that you can make the most of to ensure you can dress to impress in every way when attending any upcoming wedding celebrations. 


4 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Outfit As a Guest


Ask About Themes 

First things first, you need to get in touch with the couple who’s wedding you’re due to attend and question whether there is going to be a specific theme or style for their ceremonies. Lots of people choose to have a themed wedding, or at least bare minimum they opt for a specific colour palette that they implement for decor and other style features, so this is something you’ll maybe need to abide by.  So, always ask about themes to avoid embarrassment and ensure you can get dressed in the most appropriate attire! 


Judge The Surroundings 

If you only get invited to the after party of a wedding, then the chances are that you can throw on any old glad rags and hit the dance floor. However, if you have an important role in the wedding and will subsequently be appearing in a number of photos and videos from the ceremony, then you need to make sure that you don’t stand out from your surroundings and look perfectly in place. For example, if you hold an important position like the mother of the bride, then you should be visiting a dedicated store like The Wedding Shop that stocks sophisticated and regal celebration attire that’s sure to make you look as stylish and elegant as possible. As said, if it’s an outdoor wedding you will need to consider the weather when making your outfit choices.


4 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Outfit As a Guest


You Don’t Need To Buy New

You do not need to buy a new outfit for every wedding, but if you want to, consider buying pre-loved or even hiring your outfit. Charity shops are often filled with occasionwear meaning we often don’t wear this type of outfit twice. Also consider buying something that you can wear again.


4 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Outfit As a Guest


Never Out Dress The Bride 

The final and potentially most important rule that you need to remember when dressing for a wedding is to never outshine the bride. Any bride knows that their wedding is one of the most special day of their lifetime, one during which all attention is put on you and your partner to celebrate your love and union. So, if one of your guests is taking all of the attention away from you as the bride with their outrageous outfit, then the chances are you’re going to be very upset and disappointed. Try to put yourself in the bride’s shoes, and think – would I be happy with my outfit as a guest if I was the bride?



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