Guests At The Wedding: 3 Simple Tips To Ensure Everyone Is Happy

Your wedding is, first and foremost, about you and your partner. However, with so many people coming to enjoy the day with you, there are some steps you can take to ensure that they have a good time. It depends on the type of wedding you’re going for. Sometimes, if it’s just a few people, or if you’re eloping or going abroad you won’t have to worry about this. But if you’re going for a large wedding then you should start paying attention to those little details which can affect your day and the happiness of your wedding guests.


Guests At The Wedding: 3 Simple Tips To Ensure Everyone Is Happy


Give Plenty Of Notice

Giving notice is extremely important for all manner of reasons. If you tell them late, then they may not enjoy the wedding as much simply because they would have had to cancel something else to be there. You need to make sure they’re around. Perhaps their work takes them out of the country, or that they can only stay in the country you’re planning to get married in for a certain amount of time. In these situations, you may need to give them notice so they can apply for indefinite leave to remain in the respective country. For most of the guests, you’ll know exactly how long you’re going to need to give them notice. Some will be fine even with short notice, especially if they’re your nearest friends. In either case, it’s certainly worth thinking it through.


Plan The Tables Carefully

You need to ensure that the tables are meticulously planned out. In life, it’s easy for certain people not to get on with others.  Because of this, it’s really important that you plan out the tables with it in mind. Don’t sit people next to others you may think they won’t necessarily get on with.  This may mean having more or fewer tables to suit. The venue planner can help you do this, so do ask them for advice. What works for some won’t for others, and it of course depends on the actual layout of the room but in most cases, you can manipulate things to ensure that people are happy with who they’re with. 


Guests At The Wedding: 3 Simple Tips To Ensure Everyone Is Happy


Be Upfront On Outfit Styles

It might be that the bride absolutely doesn’t want anyone else wearing white. Maybe you want people not to wear certain colours, or certain styles so that the pictures are all in unison and in sync. It’s something which is worth thinking about more so if you’re going with a certain theme, or if you’re doing something a little different. You can let people know on the invite itself or by simply giving them a call beforehand. The key is to ensure that you give them plenty of time in advance so that they wouldn’t have bought a different outfit or anything. Ensuring you give enough time is vital, otherwise, they may end up having to change things around at extra cost.


Guests At The Wedding: 3 Simple Tips To Ensure Everyone Is Happy


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