A Magpie Wedding Guide To Moissanites Engagement Rings – The New Gemstone in Town 

Moissanite is not relatively new to the jewellery industry but compared to the millennial-existing diamond, this gemstone deserves some accolades. Discovered in the 80s by Henri Moissan, the notable Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, moissanites have risen to prominence, dominating every aspect of the jewel industry. It is used in the production of engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. What factors are responsible for moissanite’s stardom? We are about to find out in this guide. 


A Magpie Guide To Moissanites Engagement Rings – The New Gemstone in Town 


Two Similar Gemstones – Different Properties 

On the surface, moissanite and diamonds look alike, but this is where the similarity ends. Perhaps, you’ve heard of individuals, some of whom are close to you, referring to moissanite as diamond replicas or knock-offs. Some of them even liken the jewel to a Ring Pop candy. But guess what? These are misconstrued notions that need clarification. Moissanites may look like diamonds, but they are in no way replicas. They have an optical property that makes them stand out from their counterpart – double refraction. A diamond lacks this quality. Hence, it cannot produce a spectrum of colours. 


Still on optical properties; moissanite sparkles more than diamonds, as it can refract twice more light received. Its dispersion rate is 2.4 times more than that of its “alleged” cousin. Also, its cut, clarity, and colour further enhance its aesthetics, giving out more brilliance and radiance when exposed under the light. So, even though your spouse may be mortified to discover that her wedding ring is not the “classic diamond” she expects, owning a moissanite ring comes with more perks compared to her favourite. 


A Magpie Guide To Moissanites Engagement Rings – The New Gemstone in Town 

Moissanite’s Ethical Production Background 

Natural moissanite is rare. As such, it is lab-produced, compared to diamonds that can be naturally mined in kimberlite formations, riverbeds, and the ocean floor. Africa is home to most of the diamonds sold around the world. And even though the jewel mining business fetches millions of dollars for large corporations operating in these countries, the lifestyle of workers and the citizens, in general, is being jeopardized. 

The working conditions in these diamond mines are harsh. Worse yet, the diamonds mined are often used to fund terrorism, civil unrest, and coups. The mining techniques implemented in these environments have causepollution and affected the survival of citizens. Ethically conscious individuals steer clear of blood diamonds. They opt for those gemstones with ideal manufacturing processes. This is also where moissanite comes into play. Since the precious stone is produced in the lab, shoppers don’t have to worry about non-ethical mining processes. 


A Magpie Guide To Moissanites Engagement Rings – The New Gemstone in Town 


Purchasing Your First Moissanite Gemstone 

Moissanites are long-lasting as diamonds. They can last a lifetime. So, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your moissanite ring. Even a careless jeweller will be unable to damage the precious stone with a jeweller’s torch. The same can’t be said about other gemstones, like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and CZ’s. Moissanites are available in various cuts, colours, carat weights, and clarities. And above all, they cost a fraction of the price of their counterparts. 

You don’t have to spend your life savings purchasing a diamond engagement ring when you could get a moissanite alternative with a few hundred pounds. However, be wary of illegal entities that sell fakes. Most of these fake jewellery pieces cost below $300/£200. 


A Magpie Guide To Moissanites Engagement Rings – The New Gemstone in Town 

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