Best Practices When Applying for a Spouse Visa

So, you’ve decided to submit an application for a Spouse visa, but you have no idea where to begin the process? Indeed, it is challenging to live a significant distance away from your lover, which can put a strain on your relationship. We appreciate the effort you’re putting in, and to make it a little easier for you, we’ve put up this easy guidance.


Best Practices When Applying for a Spouse Visa


Understanding the Spouse Visa Procedure


A spouse visa is a sort of immigrant visa which is reserved for couples alone. It is primarily used in the United Kingdom when a husband or wife is not a resident of the covered nations, i.e. a foreign national spouse. For partners that have been married for at least two years, the UK will award an “IR1” visa. In contrast, couples married for less than 2 years receive a “CR1” immigration. This mark demonstrates that the new legal resident has residency conditions. In fact, most spouse visa recipients are granted temporary residency.


More closely than some other forms of immigrant passport applications, U.K. State Department immigration officers investigate spouse relationships. It is because the incidence of visa fraud in unions has generally been higher than for other types of unions. Consequently, immigration authorities require proof that the relationship is valid and that the new citizen is acquiring a green card just based on a solid relationship.


Challenges in Spouse Visa Application


The issue with visas is that one can never be sure of what will occur with their application. These are among the most common issues that may arise throughout the process of obtaining a spouse visa for your partner:


1. Long Process


When you apply for a spouse visa from outside the country, this can take anywhere from two to four months for such an application to be completed. This implies that you will have to be apart from your spouse for a considerable amount of time. Having said that, this is something that only applies to the initial application you submit.


2. Proof of Regular Income


This could be a bit more difficult for you if you are paid with cash, as you will need to provide evidence that you have a stable income. It’s to your greatest advantage to have a conversation with your workplace about the possibility of having the money deposited into a checking account, either one that you own or an account that is connected directly to you.


3. Proof of Employment


If you want to apply for a spouse visa for your partner, you typically need to have been working for a minimum of six months before you can do so. This implies that if you’re currently without work, you will be required to wait 6 months until you find a job, followed by an additional 2-4 months before the passport is approved.


4. Stable Relationship


There is a possibility that your “natural love” will be questioned if the length of time you had spent together is less than 2 years. In order for the Cabinet Office to have faith that your marriage will be successful, you will need to provide evidence that you’ve been dating for a sufficient amount of time.


Best Practices When Applying for a Spouse Visa


Bare Minimum Requirements When Applying for Spouse Visa 


In addition to documents that are pertinent to the case, such as a marriage certificate, the spouse visa examines applicants for these bare minimum requirements:


Proof of Spousal Affection


It may be superficial, but in exchange for the passport to be approved, you must demonstrate your love for one another. Hence, expect that you will then be asked about how you started, how you used your time around each other, and how you perceive one another. If you and your spouse have been married, it may demonstrate to the authorities that you are more adept at an upcoming wedding. Nonetheless, you must give evidence that your connection with the former has ceased.




To admit your partner as a “companion in your domain,” you are required to demonstrate that you own a location that is suitable for habitation by the two of you. This indicates that you will require a secure home, as well as a home that isn’t too congested for the both of you to live in at the same time.


Source of Finances


To have your spouse’s visa approved, you must demonstrate that you, as a UK citizen, can financially assist them till they are capable of finding employment and supporting themself. If it’s just your partner, you must demonstrate a minimum annual income of £18,600. Conversely, when non-UK kids are inside the group, the obligation becomes considerably stricter.


In addition to your original salary, you must demonstrate that you are able to receive $3,800 for the first kid and $2,400 for subsequent children. When you have assets, you can use them as a source of income; you are not limited to your wage alone.


Getting an Immigration Lawyer from IAS


Completing all the documentation and paperwork required for the visa petition might be extremely time-consuming. Still, with proper planning, you can avoid any unforeseen problems when it relates to living lawfully in the United Kingdom. IAS immigration lawyers may also assist candidates in expediting the procedure, navigating any changes to laws, and ensuring they have the requisite documents and forms. Some types of visas require them, and so many foreign corporations use immigration attorneys to submit visa applications.


Although some candidates prefer to file for their passports without IAS immigration lawyers to save a large amount of money, immigration officials are highly recommended. However, this route can create anxiety, prolong the procedure, and raise the applicant’s uncertainty, extra demand for proof, or denial. Start early, conduct as much information as possible, and double-check anything, such as the required paperwork, taxes, and any modifications to the visa application procedure, as well as whether your nation is subject to exclusions or additional inspection.



Best Practices When Applying for a Spouse Visa

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