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At Magpie Wedding, we run The ECO Wedding Show for couples that love the planet as well as each other.


The ECO  and Ethical Wedding Show are for couples who care about the planet and want a wedding day that doesn’t impact it. They are what we call “ethically minded” – they still want the day to be beautiful, and creative, they just want to be able to add vegan canapes or locally sourced booze!


They don’t want items flown in from the other side of the world. They want to know that everything will be recycled either and don’t want any single-use plastic anywhere!


Each show will also have talks and demonstrations, and we have some exciting sponsors to announce very soon.


As you can expect we need to make sure that everyone involved really does care about the planet so there are some questions added to the application form below that you need to complete!


We are always looking for new businesses to work with so if you are interested in our shows generally, please join our mailing list by filling out the Enquiry Form.


The way it works is this…..


You complete the application form, telling us a bit more about yourself and which show you are interested in. We will then get in touch and tell you more about it and whether we feel you are a right fit for our couples. We are not just about bums on seats – we want to create perfect matches between wedding suppliers and couples, so it is important we get it right.


We also make sure there is only a certain amount of each supplier at every event – this amount depends on the size of the venue and exhibitor numbers.


We will never ever promote weight loss, teeth whitening or the like as we firmly believe that our couples look amazing as they are.



The Manor Barn, Cambridge: March 12th 2023.

Wellington Wood, Thetford, Norfolk: April 16th 2023.



Single stand 6 foot x 5 foot: £180 (inc VAT)

Fledgling stand (3 available for businesses less than a year old) 6 foot x 5 foot: £150 (inc VAT)



Single stand and half price Social Media Takeover: £530  now £355

Single stand and half price Supplier Spotlight Blog: £540 now £360



Installment plans are available on all shows – this is a £50 deposit on booking with a balance to be paid at a later date to be confirmed at the time of booking.


We are not giving out tables at our shows – we believe a row of tables at wedding shows is a bit boring!  We will host a webinar beforehand to give you ideas of what to do instead – but for now, we urge you to think out of the box with your display.



FOR ALL SHOWS AND EVENTS – Please read our full Ts and Cs before completing the form.


Project Wedding by Magpie Wedding

The Virtual Wedding Fair – Project Wedding


The next dates for our virtual wedding fairs are the week commencing 9th January 2023 in time to catch newly engaged couples!


The Virtual Wedding Fair is where couples can sit back from the comfort of their sofa, or maybe even stay in bed, and watch our hand-picked suppliers coming live to them through their phone,  tablet, or pc.


Launched in early 2019 (long before any lockdown) The Virtual Wedding Fair was the first Virtual Wedding Fair in the UK and is where we bring all the suppliers our couples are looking for. You will share live your products for them to drool over, you will give them hints and tips on your chosen field (think how much wedding cake they need, or should they get an engagement shoot) and you will launch an online competition or promotion too.


As it is live they will have a chance to ask you questions there and then, but if they are watching later they can always send you a message.


Now we know this means that they can’t actually try the cake (as we can’t teleport cake through a phone but we are working on that!) but they can always do that when they arrange to go and meet you to chat further and hey, to book you! And the great news is, you don’t have to leave your house to do it!


What you need to know

The booking is for a 45-minute live interview via video conferencing but you will be needed for the hour so we can chat before you go live. The price is £120 (inc VAT).


There will be set questions so you can fully prepare. These include sharing useful tips as we will want the interview to be useful meaning more people are likely to watch. You will have a chance to share your website and contact details. Your name and business will be written on the screen.


This will appear on Facebook and then be shared on Instagram in the form of shorter videos. We will also create a page on the website with the videos and links to your businesses. Of course, your business will be shared across social media channels and our newsletters.


You will need to be available the week before for a dress rehearsal so you understand how it works and for us to check your lighting and sound so the finished show is as good as it can be


What you need to do next

This is an application process rather than going straight through to booking. Please apply using the form below sharing as much info about you as possible. We will then invite you to a  FaceTime/Zoom call so we can chat further if needed. It is important we get the right people for our brand and our couples as we want this to work for us and you. We can share hints and tips with you too if you are new to video.



Please note that by completing this form you will not be added to any mailing list. We will only use this information to be able to process your application and booking. Please read our Privacy Statement for more information.


FOR ALL SHOWS AND EVENTS – Please read our full Ts and Cs before completing the form.


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