The Ethical Wedding Show – Thetford, Norfolk October 4th 2020

The Ethical Wedding Show is back in Thetford, Norfolk on October 4th 2020 at the eco venue Wellington Wood. It is a show for ethically minded couples who love the planet as well as each other. Wellington Wood is an outdoor venue who proudly are eco friendly and sustainable. With wonderful tipis, wooden cabins and stunning scenery, this venue is a perfect match for The Ethical Wedding Show.

The Ethical Wedding Show - Thetford, Norfolk October 4th 2020


Every supplier has been handpicked for The Ethical Wedding Show, not just for their gorgeous product and impeccable service, but because they too care about the planet.

They have worked had to reduce their plastic use before, during and after your wedding.

They have introduced vegan versions to give more choice, and because they care.

They have been clever with recycling or up-cycling in their designs as well as after your wedding.

They source locally to keep their carbon footprint low.

They embrace pre-loved or vintage.

But this doesn’t mean quality has dropped. Neither does it mean they don’t deliver the creative luxe weddings we are known for here at Magpie Wedding.


Please note that this show will be safe and secure with all Covid 19 related procedures in place as per the government guidelines. It is an outdoor venue. We will update customers and exhibitors on our safety procedures nearer the time due to the ever changing advice. If for any reason, this show is cancelled, it will be re-scheduled to April 25th 2021.




Why The Ethical Wedding Show?


Being ethically minded in your life choices and therefore your wedding choices is one of our core values and always has been. Let’s face it, choosing vintage which is where we began, is a great way to be eco-friendly, cut down your carbon footprint and recycle (and look good too!). We know that our couples love the planet as well as each other so want to have a positive impact with their spend for their big day. They don’t want single use plastic. They want to know that their venue follows good practices with their recycling and supports local businesses. They don’t want a load of tat from China.

They care.

How Ethical will the show be?


We are firm believers that a million people embracing being ethical imperfectly is better than a few people doing it perfectly. Therefore we have designed a 5 point criteria for our businesses with every one involved having to meet at least 3. This therefore means they may be less good at one aspect – but overall they are making a difference. And want to.

We could have called it The Ethical-ish Wedding Show. or the Ethically Minded Wedding Show. But that get’s a bit wordy so instead we promise that everyone involved is doing their bit.

The 5 points are:

  • SUPPORTING LOCAL – to bring down their carbon footprint, to support communities and small businesses here in the UK.
  • NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC – reducing plastic use overall and cutting out single use plastic
  • BEST RECYCLING PRACTICES – using recycled materials, and recycling afterwards
  • CARING FOR WILDLIFE – adding a large vegan choice, not using chemicals that harm nature, and generally loving the planet
  • SUPPORTING OTHER ECO INITIATIVES – supporting charities, reducing waste, donating after the day, excellent working practices, hand making items that last forever…..


What you need to know

The Ethical Wedding Show is on October 4th and doors open at 11 and close at 3.00. Standard tickets are £5 and include a £1 donation to Brides Do Good charity. VIP tickets are available too which include a glass of fizz, a bride goody bag and a tree planted in the rainforest.


We will have great suppliers as always ready to support you and show you their beautiful products. We will also have talks, demos, workshops and a fashion show. More of that to be announced soon.





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