10 Fun Mean Girls Hen Party Ideas

It’s time to channel your inner Regina George and party like it’s October 3rd! To celebrate the release of the new Mean Girls movie on 17th January 2024, Fizzbox has the rundown on Mean Girls themed hen party ideas that are so fetch! In a world where wearing pink on Wednesdays isn’t just a choice but a lifestyle, this is the ultimate way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style, whether you’re an aspiring Spring Fling Queen or a Mathlete. So break out the Burn Book and dust off your Plastics-approved heels. Get in loser, we’re going on a hen do!


10 Fun Mean Girls Hen Party Ideas


Mean Girls Bottomless Brunch

Indulge in the ultimate Plastics-approved feast, where “carbs” are definitely not a dirty word! In this Mean Girls themed brunch, you’ll tuck into a brunch dish each and sip on unlimited drinks for an hour with loads of cocktails or soft drinks to toast the bride-to-be with. You’ll have an epic three-hour soundtrack of Mean Girls movie songs as well as hits from the 00s, spun by the resident DJ. There will also be live entertainment that even Regina would approve of! Come in fancy dress as your favourite character or all wear pink. Are you ready to brunch like a true Mean Girl!


10 Fun Mean Girls Hen Party Ideas


Strike up the Plastics’ anthems for a bit of Mean Girls themed karaoke. You go, Glen Coco! Grab the mic and kick things off with Milkshake by Kelis, bound to help you bring out your inner Regina or Cady. Jingle all the way to glory with the iconic Jingle Bell Rock routine. This is sure to be the bride-to-be’s spotlight moment if she remembers all the dance moves! You can also rock out to God is a DJ by Pink or channel your Missy Elliott vibes with Pass That Dutch. And when it’s time to showcase your confidence, take on Samantha Ronson’s ballad from the Spring Fling, Built This Way.



Dance Class

Put on your dancing shoes because it’s time to turn up the heat with a dance class that’s so fetch! Get ready to master the Plastics’ iconic Jingle Bell Rock routine with a professional dance teacher leading the way. From Cady’s slick moves to Regina’s fierce strut, you’ll be sashaying down the aisle in no time. This dance class is the perfect way to channel your inner Plastic and create memories that are as unforgettable as Karen’s weather forecasts! If you prefer you can choose a different song from the film; whatever gets you grooving. So let your hair down and dance like nobody’s watching!


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Mean Girls Themed Quiz

Get ready to flex your Mean Girls knowledge with a quiz during your Mean Girls hen do. These facts are practically written in the Burn Book! Test your Plastics prowess with questions like, “On Wednesdays, we wear…?”, “What is Regina’s favourite film?” and “What did Gretchen’s dad invent?” From mathlete equations to Pink Wednesday protocols, it’s a brain workout more intense than Karen trying to calculate the weather. So, are you a Plastic prodigy or a Fetch flunky? Grab your crew, don your pink crowns, and let the quiz begin. A true Mean Girl knows that if you can’t ace this quiz, you can’t sit with us!


10 Fun Mean Girls Hen Party Ideas

Mean Girls Drinking Game

If you fancy getting tipsy while watching your favourite movie, why not try out the Mean Girls drinking game? It’s “grool” and all you need to do is make rules on when to drink during the movie. For example, take a drink when: Anyone says Plastics. Someone mispronounces Cady’s name. When there’s narration. When someone mentions Africa. When someone says Regina George’s full name. When there’s a three way phone call. When Gretchen spills a secret. When someone crosses off a task on Janis’s board. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just remember to drink responsibly. You don’t want to repeat Cady’s infamous word vomit or worse!


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Cinema Trip

Get your popcorn ready because on 17th January 2024, cinemas in the UK are turning into a Mean Girls musical haven for the ultimate hen party treat! It’s not just a movie screening; it’s a Plastics-packed premiere. Don your pink clothing and get yourselves down to your local cinema to watch the new Mean Girls movie. From cool dance numbers to Regina’s iconic one-liners, it’s bound to be iconic. So, ditch the Kalteen bars, embrace the Plastics’ charm and enjoy every minute of your Mean Girls movie night!


10 Fun Mean Girls Hen Party Ideas

Mean Girls Fancy Dress

Who can resist a bit of early 00s fashion? Get ready to strut your stuff in Plastics-approved glamour because, at a Mean Girls hen party, dressing up is as essential as wearing pink on a Wednesday! Don your fanciest threads and channel your inner Regina, Cady, Gretchen or Karen, or even the legendary Mrs George! As Cady Heron would say, the limit does not exist! Whatever you’re planning to do on your Mean Girls hen do, dressing up will make things fun from the get-go. Break out the tiaras, feather boas and pink clothing and accessories so you’re, like, really pretty!


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Mean Girls Inspired Cocktails

Now, these aren’t like regular cocktails, these are cool cocktails, and no Mean Girls inspired hen party would be complete without some sassy, pink tipples. Sure, you could head to a bar for cocktails or you could mix up your very own themed drinks at home with the girls. Get ready to go all out and have some fun naming your cocktails, taking inspiration from some of the movie’s best quotes and references. Think along the lines of ‘Fetch Fizz’, or ‘A Little Bit Dramatic’, a nod to that top worn by the queen bee herself, Regina George. Alternatively, why not enjoy a play on words for your drink such as ‘You Can’t Sip With Us!’ Whatever you name them, just remember, happy hour is from four to six. Oh, God Love ya.



Themed Photobooth

It’s time to strike a pose and unleash your inner Plastics with a Mean Girls themed photobooth! Get a load of Mean Girls inspired selfie props (we found packs available to buy on Etsy) which include iconic catchphrases from the movie such as “She doesn’t even go here”, “I’m a mouse, duh!” and “You’re like, really pretty”, along with lipstick and sunglasses too. If you really want to elevate your photobooth, you could add a pink balloon arch to make your pics pop! Why not use an instant camera such as an Instax or Polaroid to add to the fun – you could even stick the photos in your Burn Book scrapbook afterward! Just make sure you’re wearing Mean Girls fancy dress or wearing pink for the occasion!



Burn Book Scrapbook

Looking for the ultimate gift for the bride-to-be on her Mean Girls inspired bash? How about her very own Burn Book scrapbook! Unlike the one in the movie, this one will actually be filled with nice stuff and here, no one’s getting burned for making out with a hot dog! Get the hens to add photos and write cute messages and favourite memories, along with hilarious inside jokes that will raise a smile. Oh, and ensure it’s decked out with more pink than Karen wears on Wednesdays to really up your Burn Book game! Gift this one at the end of the weekend as a one-of-a-kind memento for the bride-to-be.


10 Fun Mean Girls Hen Party Ideas



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