Introducing GOWN Bridal Market

We are SO EXCITED to share our new business with you today. We have felt for a long time that there is a need for a show and platform to connect small, indie or emerging bridal designers who want to stock their work in fashion-led bridal boutiques. Yes, there are bridal expos out there but they are out of reach for a smaller brand plus the ethos isn’t always aligned. We want to create something a little different, more sustainable, more diverse and well….cooler! After years of thinking about it, the time has come to unveil GOWN Bridal Market. Brought to you by us and the wonderful Joanna Southwell, a bridal designer mentor and coach.


GOWN Bridal Market


Here’s how it works…


GOWN Bridal Market is a curated edit of considered bridal design. Connecting independent designers with fashion-led bridal buyers. 


Through our new online platform, we aim to expand the reach of bridal design talent regardless of their size or turnover. Through our monthly payment structure, designers can showcase their offerings to a totally new audience internationally. GOWN online profiles are self-managed allowing brands to update photos, videos, testimonials, and line sheets quickly and easily. Our chat feature allows retailers to contact designers directly and start that all-important relationship. No more rushed chats or one-hour-only windows to connect at a busy show!


Retailers who are looking for something different and considered for their bridal boutique can browse the profiles on GOWN to find their new best-selling pieces. The bustle of a show is fantastic and a really fun day away from the shop but it can be hard to make decisions about whether the pieces you see on a stand will hang well within your existing stock and fill the gaps in your offering. By spending time on GOWN and looking at the designers available, you can consider what will work for you in a relaxed way with no time pressures. Our chat feature allows you to talk to designers so they can hear more about your boutique and brides and create designs that you can be confident will work for you. Line sheets are available to make sure everything you look at is within your budget and designers will be available for you to talk about any modifications or additional pieces you would like to add.


As designer profiles on GOWN Bridal Market are updated regularly both bridal brands and retailers can get the most up-to-date designs, photography and news allowing a mutually beneficial relationship. By getting to know each other’s brand values, buying habits and client preferences through GOWN our aim is for you to create long-term relationships that allow confident buying. No more hasty decisions at a show that you both regret.



And for those of you who want face-to-face meetings and to be able to see the dresses in the flesh…watch this space!





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