UK Immigration Forms: How To Become A UK Citizen When You Get Married

Today we are starting our series of useful Marriage Matters articles that help you in your marriage; from money, to children to everything in between. Here we share advice on marrying someone who is not from the UK but wants to become a British citizen, like you. To do this, you are required to complete a Home Office Immigration Form.  Unfortunately, the immigration forms which have been produced by the government can be long and complicated. They often leave people feeling frustrated and struggling to complete. With this in mind, here are some expert top tips to help you complete the form correctly.



Tip One: Get the Right Form

This may seem simple, but before you complete any immigration forms, you need to know which form you require. For example, do you already have a visa, or are you applying for an indefinite leave to remain UK spouse application? Knowing what form to complete is the first step in the process as the rules have changed recently and keep evolving and the process becoming ever more complicated. 


Tip Two: Understand the Rules

So you have obtained the correct form, what can you expect? Understanding the process and rules involved in the immigration process will relay any fears you may have. This is especially true to understanding that the process can be long and is not easy.  You may wish at this point to have an immigration lawyer act on your behalf to ensure you are fully aware of all the rules and the options available to you. It is best to be prepared for all eventualities so understanding the rules and process will help you move forward.


Tip Three: Complete the Form

Ensuring you complete all sections of the form is vital. You don’t want the form to be returned because you forgot to sign or date it. Also, check that the form you are completing is still in date. This can be frustrating, but sometimes it takes so long to complete the form and obtain your supporting documentation that the form may become outdated. Before sending the form off, you need to check that it is still in date and relevant. Taking this step will save you time and undue stress.


Tip Four: Ensure you Sign the Form

Ensure the application form is signed in all the right places. As each application type is different, there may be several places where you need to sign. Furthermore, ensure you sign within the box provided as this is often scanned, and if your signature goes outside the box, they could reject your form.


Tip Five: Right Sized Photographs

Ensure your photographs meet the specified requirements. There are places which taken passport sized photos and know what is acceptable. This means no smiling in your photo, no sunglasses, and no hats. Your face needs to be seen clearly.  


Tip Six: Answer All Questions

It is so easy going through the immigration forms and miss a question. Check it over several times and then get a family member or friend to look over it too. If you fail to answer all the relevant questions, your form will be returned to you and you will have to start the process again. This can be stressful and time consuming.  


We fully support all marriage and know that anyone can fall in love with anyone. That’s the beauty of love right? We also know how important it is for so many to start the union as the same nationality (with dual nationality status) so we hope that this helps.


Team Magpie x


Marriage Matters - How To Become A UK Citizen When You Get Married


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