5 Tips For Hiring A Wedding Musician

Magicians at weddings seem to be becoming more and more popular as it is a great way to entertain your guests in the gaps between the main action. For example, the time when they are enjoying a drink before the wedding breakfast is often the time when the bride and groom have their photographs so is the perfect time to create laughter through the power of magic.

Recently at the Four Counties Wedding Awards, where I was a judge, we were wowed by a magician while having a drink. It was a great ice breaker for us with other guests but more importantly, we were still talking about him the next day!

Today our magician, Neil Edwards from Elegant Magic, who will be with us in London on May 15th, shares his top 5 tips to consider when hiring a magician for your wedding.

Neil Edwards Elegant Magic shares how to choose your wedding magician on the National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Amateurs Vs Professionals 

Magic for the most part, as with most entertainment such as music, starts off as a hobby. There are plenty of hobbyist magicians in the world, many of them excellent, and many at some point set up a website and have a few photos taken.

Performing for your own friends and family is a different experience to having to introduce yourself to strangers, entertain them and work around a room in a professional manner. It is very difficult and can take many years to perfect it.

This is not to say that you should avoid an amateur magician at all costs but just to be aware of the demands an event puts on the entertainer and hiring one with experience can ensure everyone has a great time and no hiccups occur.

Originality and Style 

The kind of magician you want will depend on your event’s theme and your own personal taste. There are magicians with bright coloured clothing and wacky sense of humour, serious and mysterious mind readers, suave and sophisticated etc.

It is good to have an idea of what sort of magic entertainer you want. If you don’t then ask the magician you are thinking of hiring what makes them the one for your event.

Hiring a magician is becoming far more popular these days and many people have seen one or two magicians at previous events. There are several “stock” effects that are popular amongst magicians such as turning a £10 note into a £50, a signed playing card being found in the magician’s wallet, a borrowed wedding ring being found on a keyring etc. All of which are amazing magic tricks which are guaranteed to amaze your guests but if your guests have seen magic live and up close before they could be experiencing déjà vu.

Neil Edwards Elegant Magic shares how to choose your wedding magician on the National Vintage Wedding Fair blog


Costs can vary widely depending on the experience of the performer and what you want at your event. A known name doing a full stage show is going to be in the thousands while a local hobbyist magician just starting out might be £100.

A good indicator of cost would be to think in between £300 and £1000 for a good local professional magician. When you inquire into price you are most likely going to be asked about your event and then packages will be suggested which could mean anything from an hour of mingling with your guests to an hour long sit down show.

This is the reason you won’t find prices on most magician’s websites as each event can have wildly different requirements.

Neil Edwards Elegant Magic shares how to choose your wedding magician on the National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Ask Questions 

You need to know that your event and your guests/clients are in good hands so ask questions.  Good questions would be:

  • Ask what professional experience they have
  • What different options do they have and what they recommend for your event
  • Do they have testimonials they can share from previous clients?
  • What kind of magic do they perform?

Watch them Perform 


Many professional magicians have public events or shows. Some have residencies at local restaurants or bars. This is a perfect opportunity for you to experience for yourself the entertainment you are thinking of having for your event. When watching a professional magician perform in person you can see how they interact with you and other people, giving you the information you need to decide if they are the perfect match.

If they don’t have any public shows, then a promotional video is always good to look for. When watching don’t look for flashy magic tricks done for the camera but look for magic being performed at a real event with reactions from real people.

Having a magician at an event can really have a massive impact due to its personal touch. People attending get to experience something unbelievable and fun, often right in front of their eyes. An entertaining performance put on just for them, making them feel like a VIP.

For many it is one of the memorable highlights of the event and a great magician will have your guests thanking you for the great entertainment.

Great advice on something that you may not have even considered! Make sure you come to our London event and see Neil create some magic!

Neil Edwards is a professional wedding and corporate magician with over 10 years’ experience of performing. He works mostly in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex but has performed nationwide. Check out his website here.









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