Top Tips For Picking The Perfect First Dance Song On Your Wedding Day

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, from who to invite to what to wear. But what about choosing the first dance song (if you are having a first dance that is)?  Many couples find themselves disagreeing when it comes to choosing the song for the first dance (we ended up with 4 first dances as we couldn’t choose just one!). This is an important moment that you’ll remember forever, so there’s always pressure to get it right. Fortunately, you can take that pressure off by following these four tips.


Top Tips For Picking The Perfect First Dance Song On Your Wedding Day


Choose a song you can dance to


Once you have chosen a wedding band, the first important tip is to choose a song that your wedding band will be able to perform (unless you are asking the DJ to play the first dance of course!). It’s no use choosing a rap classic if you’ve chosen a string quartet. It’s always a good idea to check out the repertoire of your wedding band before making a final decision on your first dance song.

If the band doesn’t have your song on their setlist, don’t panic: a good wedding band would be happy to learn your chosen song if given enough notice. It is worth keeping in mind that the song you choose must be compatible with the band. Familiarise yourself with their style by looking at other songs they will be playing, and factor this into your decision.

Another important characteristic of a first dance song is that it’s a song that you can dance to. Martha Stewart Weddings recommends being mindful of the melody. Although your first dance can be any style that you wish, always think about the kind of dance that you want to perform for your guests.

You may need to practice a fair bit for more upbeat songs if you don’t want it to look terrible. If you’re looking for a safe option, choose a slower song that requires a lot less effort and choreography on your part.


Top Tips For Picking The Perfect First Dance Song On Your Wedding Day


Choose a song with meaning


A first dance song should be a song that means something to you. Many couples will have songs that remind them of good times together, while others may simply be huge fans of a certain artist.

To avoid any resentment or disappointment, it’s always best to discuss the song choice thoroughly with your partner before committing. Bridal Guide suggests finding lyrics that tell your story.

Try and think about all of the moments you have shared together. If you don’t have a song that you consider yours, try to imagine which would suit your relationship best if it was played out in a movie. If that’s not you, then just choose a song that you mutually love, or think about introducing your partner to a song you love just in time for the wedding.


Top Tips For Picking The Perfect First Dance Song On Your Wedding Day


Create a shortlist


If you’re fairly indecisive (er hello – that will be us with our 4 songs!), consider creating a list of songs that you both love, and whittling it down when it comes to decision time. Keep in mind the factors mentioned above and try to choose a song that fits these best. You may end up with a fairly big list, but remember you can only choose one as the first dance. However, any left on the list can be added to the DJ’s set for later in the night. Or like us, lead with the 4 songs and dance together, inviting others to join you.


Top Tips For Picking The Perfect First Dance Song On Your Wedding Day


Still stuck?


Don’t panic! The song doesn’t have to be perfect or meaningful. You just need to choose something you can dance to. Whatever happens, it’ll still be an amazing day. If you’re stuck for ideas, think about asking friends and family for opinions on songs that best suit you as a couple. If you still come up with nothing, maybe consider asking the DJ to choose a song that they think will be good to dance to. This also takes the pressure off your wedding band! We also have an alternative first dance playlist that may give you some ideas!



Top Tips For Picking The Perfect First Dance Song On Your Wedding Day

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