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Embroidery and embellishments - how to stand out with an alternative look on your wedding day

Embroidered and embellished wedding dresses for the creative bride

Whether you’re a bride who wants traditional or alternative the wedding industry is bursting with designers and suppliers that are pushing the boundaries and changing the way we shop and plan our own big day. Embroidery and embellishments are a huge game changer when it comes to ‘making’ your dress, accessory or whole wedding day […] Read more…

Vintage veil

What wedding veils are available and how to choose the right one

Wedding veils are far from what they used to be; stiff, scratchy net that brides couldn’t wait to remove. As they now generally no longer symbolise their historical representation, and are more of a fashion accessory, it means they come in all different shapes and sizes with an array of embellishments. Today we speak to […] Read more…

Magpie Wedding

How to get the best from a wedding show guide by Magpie Wedding

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