6 Content Ideas For Your Wedding Business Instagram Grid

It can be hard to decide what to post on your Instagram grid;  it can lead to us either not posting anything or posting something off-brand and a bit random. Consistency is key, so you need a plan to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Remember your grid is where prospective followers decide whether they “get you” so ideally, it needs to reflect what you stand for and what you do in a cohesive way.


There are 6 types of content we suggest for your wedding business Instagram to create on your grid. This can be in any order. We find that most people we follow or work with, tend to focus on one over the other, so we suggest getting a good even mix. This can be static content, carousels or Reels.


Here are the 6 types of content and ideas on what you can create for them.


6 Content Ideas For Your Wedding Business Instagram Grid

Inspirational Content

This can be anything from inspirational product shots to weddings that you love. The idea is that you are creating an online magazine feel of your work and things that inspire you. You are not overly selling here, but simply sharing more about your brand. We find some people do this too much and forget to actually sell…..so if this is you, read on and see what else you could be posting.


TOP TIP – Consider what your ideal customer wants to see – what will inspire them to buy from you or book you.


Educational Content

This is where you share your expertise so that they trust you more. This could be a series of images with a tip on each or adding advice to the caption. This needs to be a focus for you, as it will showcase your knowledge leading to sales. Selling without overly selling!


TOP TIP – Keep it simple! We suggest 5 tips max. Consider the questions that you are always asked and create content around the answers!




6 Content Ideas For Your Wedding Business Instagram Grid

Values Based Content

This is where you show your followers what is important to you, as a person and as a business. Whether this is being sustainable or caring for people’s mental health – consumers want to know what you stand for.


TOP TIP – Be real! Don’t shoehorn ethics in that you don’t have – customers will see it a mile off!


Personal Content


It is a great idea to showcase the person behind the brand but we suggest you don’t do it all the time. This is super important if you make your product as people will want to see this. Say Hi, and share a few fun facts about yourself but keep the more everyday personal content to Stories.


TOP TIP – Hate being photographed? You can always share images with half of you in, the back of you or your hands making your product!



Customer Content

This is where you share your customers wearing or using your product at their weddings or their testimonials. This is a great way to show people how something is used or how successful it is.


TOP TIP- Encourage customers to send photos to you or even better, tag you on their own grid.

Selling Content

And finally, this is where you obviously sell your product. The perfect scenario is to sell through the other suggestions here rather than broadcasting your links. But many people do forget to actually obviously sell i.e.  BOOK HERE so make sure you add it into the mix.


TOP TIP – Focus on your customer’s needs so that they feel they have to work with you.



These can be in any order but we like an even mix of all of them. If we had to prioritise any it would be inspirational and educational content.

Need help with your wedding business Instagram? We are here for you with:

6 Content Ideas For Your Wedding Business Instagram Grid



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