How Your Wedding Business Can Create Genuine Social Media Connections

With the rise of BeReal, we are seeing increased demand from consumers in terms of authentic, in-the-moment social media content. While BeReal is mainly being used by the general public, it’s something wedding businesses like you, can certainly learn from.


Unveiling Authenticity: How Your Wedding Business Can Create Genuine Social Media Connections



BeReal is a photo-sharing social media application that prompts users to post one unfiltered photograph each day.

At a random point throughout the day, users receive a notification telling them that “It’s time to BeReal.” They then have two minutes to take a photograph of whatever they are doing and share it with their friends.



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The BeReal movement shows that there is a craving for genuine, unfiltered content. People are tired of seeing staged photographs and exaggerated lifestyles on social media. They want to see authentic posts, and businesses should recognize this and adapt their strategy accordingly.


Unveiling Authenticity: How Your Wedding Business Can Create Genuine Social Media Connections





As you can see, users want brands to be real and authentic. There are a number of ways you can achieve this:

  • Share “behind the scenes” clips in your stories – One of the best ways of being real on social media is by giving your followers an insight into what goes on at your business behind the scenes. A lot of businesses are very surface-level online, presenting a logo, some polished pictures, and carefully crafted content. However, giving people a raw insight into your business and what goes on helps your followers to connect and feel closer to your company.

  • Don’t automate everything you post – Social media is about being in the moment. Despite this, we often queue up posts in advance to be more efficient. Yes, it saves time, but you should make sure you manually post as well to keep things fresh and real.

  • There is no need for a perfect grid – Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of businesses attempt to create the “perfect grid” on platforms like Instagram. They make sure their last nine photographs are displayed in a manner that looks like one, sleek picture. While this may look stylish, it does not do anything to distinguish your brand. Plus, it has a cold feel to it, rather than creating a warm, exciting, and enticing grid that makes people want to follow your account.

  • Be honest and open about how you feel – Consumers tend to respond better to posts that have a personal feel to them. A good example of a celebrity influencer who has done this well is Vicky Pattison. In the midst of her glam shots, she likes to keep it real with photographs on her bad days, and explanations of how she was feeling at the time. You can see from the response that these posts work incredibly well and experience high levels of engagement.   Our director, Kate Beavis does this too, sharing the reality behind menopause on her Instagram and TikTok.


It’s time to show your most authentic self on social media


As you can see, there are a number of different ways you can show your authentic self on social media. This is a great way of creating a trusted brand image and connecting with customers on a deeper level, creating that loyal bond that we are looking for to elevate our businesses.


Need help with this? Book a Power Hour HERE and let’s get you being real. Or check out our business support here.


Unveiling Authenticity: How Your Wedding Business Can Create Genuine Social Media Connections




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