The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Shows: Maximising Your ROI As A Wedding Supplier

Wedding shows, also known as wedding fairs or expos, are treasure troves of opportunities for wedding vendors/suppliers. They provide a platform to showcase your services, connect with engaged couples, and ultimately boost your business. But how can you make the most out of these events and ensure a significant return on investment (ROI)? Today in The Clubhouse we are focusing on the steps to maximise your return and have a successful show.


Manchester Wedding Fair in Victoria Baths


Pre-Show Preparation

Before attending a wedding show, strategic preparation is key:


  • Select the Right Show: Thoroughly research and choose bridal shows that align with your target audience and the niche you specialize in. Different shows may cater to varying demographics and preferences.
  • Design an Eye-Catching Stand: Invest in a visually appealing stand that not only reflects your brand but also captures the attention of passersby. Use well-designed signage, lighting, and decor to make a memorable impression.
  • Promote Your Participation: Create anticipation by informing your audience about your upcoming presence at the wedding show. Leverage your website, social media platforms, and email newsletters to spread the word. Offer incentives like exclusive sneak peeks or show-only discounts to entice potential attendees.


Collect and Nurture Leads

During the show, focus on gathering and nurturing leads effectively:


  • Engage Attendees: Approach visitors with a warm and welcoming attitude. Strike up conversations about their wedding plans and genuinely listen to their needs and preferences. Building a rapport with potential clients can significantly impact their decision to choose your services.
  • Offer Value: Provide attendees with informative materials, such as brochures, checklists, or educational guides. These resources not only showcase your expertise but also give couples something tangible to take home. Consider offering exclusive show discounts, competitions or VIP packages to incentivise couples to share their contact information.

  • Use Technology: Streamline lead collection and management by employing digital tools or lead capture apps. These can help you efficiently gather and organise contact details while reducing the risk of losing valuable information.


The National Vintage Wedding Fair at Manchester Victoria Baths


Showcase Your Expertise

To stand out from the competition, demonstrate your skills and expertise:


  • Live Demonstrations: If applicable to your services, consider conducting live demonstrations at your stand. For example, a makeup artist could offer mini makeovers, or a florist could demonstrate bouquet arrangement. These hands-on experiences can leave a lasting impression.
  • Quality Samples: Showcase high-quality samples of your work or products. For instance, if you’re a cake designer, display a beautifully crafted wedding cake as a centerpiece. Couples often want to see and touch tangible examples of what you offer.

  • Testimonials: Display positive reviews and testimonials from past clients prominently at your stand. These endorsements from satisfied couples can build trust and credibility, assuring potential clients of your competence and reliability.



Networking and Collaboration

Wedding shows are prime opportunities for networking and collaboration:

  • Forge Relationships: Engage with other wedding professionals and suppliers during the event. Build genuine relationships with the potential for future referrals. Networking can lead to mutually beneficial collaborations that expand your reach within the industry.
  • Cross-Promote: Consider collaborating with complementary suppliers to offer joint promotions or packages. For instance, a florist and a photographer can collaborate on a special bundle for engaged couples, creating added value and increasing the likelihood of bookings.


Manchester Wedding Fair in Victoria Baths


Post-Show Follow-Up

Your efforts should extend beyond the show’s closing:

  • Timely Follow-Ups: After the wedding show, promptly follow up with the leads you’ve collected. Send personalised thank-you emails expressing your appreciation for their visit. Provide additional information about your services, and remind them of any exclusive show offers. Timeliness can be critical in converting leads into clients.
  • Evaluation: Analyse the results of your participation in the wedding show. Track the number of leads you got and then how many you converted directly resulting from the event. This assessment helps you measure the show’s ROI and guides your decisions for future participation. But it is worth remembering that the show host is responsible for leads and you need to convert them!

  • Feedback: Collect feedback from attendees regarding their experience at your stand. Understand what resonated with them and what could be improved. This valuable input can inform your strategies for future wedding shows.



Continual Improvement

Ensure your success at wedding shows is an ongoing process:

  • Learn and Adapt: Continually evaluate the outcomes of each bridal show you attend. Analyse what worked well and where there’s room for improvement. Adjust your strategies, booth design, and promotional materials accordingly for future events.
  • Stay Informed: Stay abreast of industry trends and apply the latest marketing techniques. The wedding industry is ever-evolving, and staying current will help you remain competitive and relevant in the eyes of engaged couples.



Participating in wedding shows as a wedding business can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavour when approached strategically. By following these comprehensive steps, you can maximise your ROI, elevate your brand, and establish a strong presence in the competitive wedding market.



(All images by Kate McCarthy at our Manchester show)


The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Shows: Maximising Your ROI As A Wedding Supplier





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