4 Legal Things You Should Do After Getting Married

If you’ve just gotten married, congrats! Your wedding planner has organised the wedding of your dreams, the ceremony is concluded, the cake has been eaten, and congratulations have come pouring in from family and friends, leaving you to revel in the glory of marriage.  However, now that the festivities are over, there are other (legal) matters that require your attention. Today we are sharing a few of the legal aspects that await your attention after getting married.

4 Legal Things You Should Do After Getting Married

Modifying Personal Details After Marriage

While celebrating brings excitement, besides planning your honeymoon, there is the question of the legal things to do after getting married in the UK. For example, you’ll need to ponder whether you want to take your spouse’s surname or not and attain a marriage certificate, among a few other considerations. After your marriage, the necessary government departments must be informed about your name change and all official documents need to be updated. 


Financial Institutions

Notify all financial institutions of your marriage and name change, including banks, financial institutions and credit card providers. All accounts must reflect accurate details for efficient financial management.


Informing your employer of your name change is more than a formality; it is an integral step toward keeping accurate records and maintaining efficient administrative procedures within the workplace. Your employer needs to know immediately of your new name in order to adjust payroll systems, human resource databases and official documents with accurate details.


Passport Office

If travelling under your new spouse’s surname is important to you, applying for their passport with your new surname will make the process simpler and faster. It is important to note that you can apply for a passport in your new name three months before your ceremony.


Medical Records

Notify healthcare providers such as your doctor and dentist of your name change, along with any subscription services used regularly such as chiropractics or physical therapy sessions.


Subscription and Membership Updates

Make sure your clubs, societies and organsations know of your changed contact details by updating membership and subscription documents accordingly. Keeping copies will prove handy later when reviewing documents pertaining to name change confirmation documents for future reference.


Understanding Your Tax Implications

Marriage not only marks the start of an exciting and joyful journey together but can have profound financial ramifications as well, including potential changes to your tax situation. One notable impact involves eligibility for Marriage Allowance, an advantageous provision which permits couples meeting certain income criteria to transfer a portion of their allowance directly into one another’s personal allowances in exchange for tax savings. This transfer could bring valuable tax benefits that help improve stability and flexibility as you begin this life-long partnership journey together.



Updating Your Voter Registration 

Once married in the UK and with changes in name or address, it is vital that voter registration be updated so you are eligible to vote in future elections. Updating voter registration can be completed quickly and accurately while at the same time helping ensure accurate electoral data remains.

Be certain you have all of the documents necessary before beginning. These typically include proof of your new name and address such as marriage certificates, utility bills, or bank statements showing proof. 



Reviewing and Updating Your Estate Planning Documents After Marriage

Your marriage marks an ideal opportunity to review and update all of your estate planning documents to reflect your intentions for your new partner, such as wills or trusts, so they reflect how assets should be divided upon death. While laws in your jurisdiction may provide automatic inheritance rights to them upon death without proper estate planning documents in place, it would generally be wiser not to leave things up to chance.

Marriage is an incredible adventure full of shared experiences and life-building. While legalities might not seem romantic, taking time to address them ensures you and your partner are on equal financial ground and have a mutual understanding of rights and responsibilities. 

Open communication and transparency will play a pivotal role throughout this process. Prioritizing legal matters allows couples to step confidently into married life together with a full focus on enjoying this amazing adventure ahead.




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