9 Reasons To Have An Elopement Wedding

Some couples dream of eloping; ditching the huge wedding, instead choosing to have an intimate romantic day with just close family there (or even no family at all!). Some of you may quite like the idea of it but are not sure if it will totally work for them. If this is you, here are a few reasons to consider an elopement wedding.


9 Reasons To Have An Elopement Wedding

An elopement can save costs

Your budget is the first thing you need to plan, but costs can soon creep up even if you’re amazing at budget management. The average wedding here in the UK costs circa 30K so for many couples the thought of reducing that by eloping sounds inviting. Alternatively, you can spend the budget on something else such as a deposit on a house or a big honeymoon.


An elopement can be intimate and easy

An elopement wedding is going to have the most simple and modest plan ever! Elopement is pretty simple. There’s less hassle, no timings issues, no guest appearance or worries. You can create the wedding you want, as modest as you want, or as fun as you want.


Choose incredible locations for your elopement

Which are the locations you would want to visit the most in the world? Mountain Everest? The Swiss Alps? The Amazon trees? A Paradise Island? Exotic beach? With an elopement wedding, you can choose a stunning location that would either be out of your budget, or not suitable for lots of guests.


9 Reasons To Have An Elopement Wedding

Reduce the drama                                             ’

Here comes the best part of an elopement. One of the basic reasons why couples prefer to elope is to avoid family dramas. Not everyone has these thankfully but if you do, running away together to get married may just be the perfect answer.


To keep everyone happy you could plan a dinner or get together for you when you come back. They would appreciate this plus you’d get two days!


An elopement is an adventure

With an elopement, you can think of the stuff you wanted to do with your partner but couldn’t. What can be more amazing than this? You can plan everything to your wants and needs and there’s no one to change your mind. So, you can go on the beach and watch the sunset, hike to a hilltop, and have a bonfire in the woods. It can be anything you and your partner like! It’s adventurous all the way!


Think of the photos!

Imagine the photos of you in your perfect location, having a wedding your way. Think epic landscapes, amazing sunsets with and Asheville wedding photographer who can be a perfect match for you.


9 Reasons To Have An Elopement Wedding


Keeping it real

For couples who don’t necessarily want a huge wedding, having a small private ceremony is the best way to go that also ensures your values are in place!  Having a celebration that does not resonate with your personality can lack your essence in it. Think out of the boundaries, and allow yourself to make determinations that let you stay true to your values in life.


No rules and regulations

Okay, truly this is the best part. You need not have any concern with what others want for you. You can disregard other people’s advice, even ours. It is all about YOU and YOUR partner and believing in something right for you and your life.  Break boundaries, bend rules. You can do anything you want to. It’s your day after all.


An elopement is more eco friendly                                               

Do you want to control your carbon emissions? Weddings are known to be wasteful. From the invitations, flowers, plastic party favours, to discarded food most of these things end up as waste.

A normal event of around 100 guests usually ends up in 400-600 pounds of wastage. GO GREEN! Make it an eco-friendly wedding. Of course, if you fly off to a far off destination this impacts the planet, so why not elope within your own country?


We recognise that eloping is not for everyone but if you are considering it – it can be a super romantic way to tie the knot.



9 Reasons To Have An Elopement Wedding

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