All That You Need to Know About Fancy Cut Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring

What characteristics come to mind when envisioning the appearance of a diamond? The chances are high that you will mention the four C’s: color, carat, clarity, and cut. While all of these will have a massive impact on the allure of any stone, the cut is one of the most important aspects. Having said this, there are many different designs to choose from. Fancy cut diamonds are particularly popular and yet, there is a bit more than meets the eye in regards to what is involved. Let us take a look at what makes fancy cut diamonds so unique as well as some of your options. 


All That You Need to Know About Fancy Cut Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring


Fancy Cut Diamonds Defined


From a technical point of view, fancy cut diamonds are essentially any diamond that is not considered to be a round brilliant. So, we can immediately see that fancy cuts offer you a number of unique options; particularly if you are looking to personalise the stone in question. There are actually many varieties of fancy cuts available. Here are some common examples: 


  • Cushioned cuts 
  • Heart-shaped cuts 
  • Asscher cuts 
  • Pear-shaped cuts 
  • Oval cuts 
  • Princess cuts 
  • Radiant cuts 


As we can see, each of these shapes offers an entirely unique appeal and the ultimate choice will often depend upon the desires of the buyer in question. However, there are other factors that can determine how a diamond is cut.  


All That You Need to Know About Fancy Cut Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring


Accentuating the Natural Beauty of the Stone


One important task of any jeweller is to make certain that the diamond will exhibit its best traits in terms of fire (brilliance), carat and clarity. As many diamonds contain internal flaws known as inclusions, they will often be cut away to remove as many of these imperfections as possible. So, one stone could look the best through the use of a pear-shaped cut while a radiant cut may be more suited for another. This is one of the reasons why each diamond is said to have its own unique “personality”; no two stones are ever alike.  Graceful diamond photography shows the beauty and “personality” of each stone. If you purchase diamonds in an online store, you should pay attention to the quality of diamond photography as a significant mark of trust.

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Choosing the Right Cut


As we mentioned previously, personal taste is always important to take into account. There are still some other factors to keep in mind. Most buyers will wish to select a design that reflects the maximum amount of light and is appealing to behold. However, there are also times when fancy cut diamonds can be used in conjunction with traditional round brilliant cuts. This is often the case when choosing an engagement ring. Fancy cut stones are excellent ways to further accentuate the central diamond. Once again, be sure to speak with a qualified expert in order to better appreciate the options at your disposal.  


A fancy cut diamond is certainly fancy in its own right and you will be amazed at the sheer number of shapes that are available. This will enable you to add a truly personal touch to any piece of jewellery in no time at all.  


All That You Need to Know About Fancy Cut Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring


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