Reasons Why Your Marriage Visa Application Can Be Refused

Today we have a practical blog post for you which for most won’t be relevant but we know for some – will be useful. There is no denying that getting married can be one of the most exciting moments in anyone’s life!  But for some of our readers, they have another piece of wedding planning to do. If you and your partner live in a different place, you will need to look into marriage visas to make sure that your happy ever after really can begin!


Why May Your Marriage Visa Application Be Refused?


Unfortunately, visa marriage applications do not always go as smoothly as we would hope! In some cases, they can end up being refused, and there are a number of different reasons why this can happen. No matter what has gone wrong, it can be incredibly upsetting to discover that you have been denied a visa. This is a tricky situation and one many don’t talk about so we wanted to shed some light today. 



The good news is that this is not the end of the road. You can make an appeal. However, it is imperative that you use the services of legal specialists to give yourself the best possible chance of your appeal being a success. From American to Irish citizenship immigration lawyers, there are experts for visas for all around the world, so it is imperative that you have a professional on your side to give you the best possible chance of enjoying a life of bliss with your other half. 



The important place to start, though, is by finding out why your marriage visa has been refused to begin with. There are many different reasons why this may happen. To begin with, there are a lot of applications that have been denied because the clearance officers have determined that your partner will not have adequate funds to support you. When you are applying for any sort of marriage visa, there is typically going to be a minimum income requirement. Your partner will need to prove that they make enough money or that they have enough savings to support you.


Why May Your Marriage Visa Application Be Refused?



When submitting your application, you need to show that you’re not going to need government support to stay in the UK. Therefore, you should include copies of your partner’s current accounts, savings, and payslips in the application to show that they are going to have enough money. You will also need to add a copy of their contract of employment too. Plus, most countries will require a copy of your partner’s mortgage statement or tenancy agreement so that they can see how much needs to be paid in this regard per month.


Another reason why some marriage visas can end up being denied is that the individuals analysing the application feel that the union between you and your other half is not genuine. Sadly, there are a lot of people who get married purely because they want to move to another country. This is not legal, so it is critical that you and your partner have a genuine romantic relationship. This includes having met one and another before you decided to get married.


If you feel that your refusal is unfair, the best thing to do is get in touch with an immigration expert who can help you to navigate this.


If this is you right now – good luck! Keep going x


Reasons Why Your Marriage Visa Application Can Be Refused


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