How To Organise The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Getting every part of your wedding day right is no easy feat.  More than 250,000 couples get married every year in the UK, and it’s no secret that planning the big day can be as time-consuming as it is expensive. From getting the date sorted to planning the final details with your venue, there’s a lot to think about. No matter whether you’re engaged now or just getting organised, it’s always worth knowing a thing or two about planning your dream wedding day.


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Set a realistic budget

Firstly, you need to get ready for the cost of planning a wedding. Try to stick to a budget that’s achievable for both you and your partner, and don’t be afraid to ask loved ones for some help if you’re struggling to afford some of the most important aspects. 

If you’re planning a huge, show-stopping reception with hundreds of guests, you’ll need to start saving in advance. To help you secure additional forms of financial support during this expensive time, learning how to boost your credit score could prove useful.



Choose the venue

After you’ve got your venue locked in, the most important (and pressing) decision you should make is your wedding venue. Ideally, you should have an idea of the type of place you’d like well in advance, as most venues get booked up before peak wedding season. Finding a venue last-minute is possible but would make the process unnecessarily more stressful. 

There are plenty of amazing UK wedding venues to suit different tastes and styles. You should also make sure to research the catering options available or see if it’s possible to use an external company at your chosen venue. 





Pick a colour scheme

Colours define the mood, atmosphere, and personality at a wedding. Knowing the aesthetic stage for your wedding truly helps to set the wheels in motion, especially when the flowers, invitations, and bridal party gowns seamlessly match the scheme.

Colours should be inspired by both the seasonality of your wedding and your own preferences. When everything looks on-theme, your guests will feel truly immersed in the setting for your big day. 


Send out the invites

Next, it’s time to start the guestlist. It’s important to establish this as soon as possible, since you won’t be able to make detailed plans with suppliers or your venue if they don’t have an idea of the number of guests.

This is a decision worth taking some time over. Don’t feel like you need to invite all your friends but remember that you’ll never be able to repeat this experience. It’s an opportunity that your guests should feel incredibly blessed and appreciative about.


Plan the party

Once you’ve got a date, venue, and guestlist in place, it’s time to do the serious planning.

If you’re planning to wear one, shopping for a wedding dress is paramount. This might mean multiple trips to the bridal shop with friends in tow but try not to feel frustrated or impatient: once you find the right dress, you’ll know straight away. It’s worth the wait. 

You can then move onto specific details for the night itself. You might choose to hire a DJ, photographer, and florist; take your time to find your perfect supplier who gets your vision.

Lastly, don’t feel pressured into paying for something that’s someone else’s idea. If it won’t help you to enjoy every minute, it’s not worth including in the plan.


How To Organise The Wedding Of Your Dreams


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