Wedding Budget: How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On A Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is an exciting time. It can also be an equally stressful time as it is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Hence, you want it to go as smoothly as possible.  Should you be spending a lot on your wedding and not have a lot left for a honeymoon, or simply want to not overspend on the trip, then here are some great honeymoon budget ideas that can help you avoid breaking the bank.


Wedding Budgets: How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On A Honeymoon


Avoid fancy accommodation and have fun

When people think of a honeymoon, they instantly think about 5-star resorts. However, this isn’t always everyone’s fantasy. Therefore, it can be a good idea to avoid the fancy resorts and opt for something more fun and often, more memorable.  For instance, your dream honeymoon might be on the beach in Devon. If so, looking for Devon caravan holidays instead of fancy hotels can help you save money on accommodation costs. Caravan holidays can be much more adventurous and fun, especially when traveling for an occasion. It will be a honeymoon to remember, that’s for sure.  



Reallocate the leftover money from your wedding

Although it won’t happen for every wedding, you might be able to reallocate your leftover wedding money to spend on your honeymoon.  For example, there might be leftover money from the bar or you might have saved money on the wedding dress. Any spare cash can be a great way to overstretching your finances to afford your honeymoon. 


Wedding Budgets: How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On A Honeymoon

Ask for help as a wedding present

To budget your honeymoon and avoid stressing your own finances, it can help to ask for money or travel vouchers as your wedding present. Instead of ‘stuff’, you can enjoy money towards your honeymoon, which will make it cheaper for you.  Most guests will be more than happy to contribute to your dream honeymoon rather than buying you a new kettle. So, don’t hesitate to ask your guests to make your dreams come true (and help you avoid breaking the bank).

Go off-season

Most honeymoons are to be peaceful and relaxing. Booking the trip off-season will not only help you attain relaxation as it will be quieter, but it will also help you save money too.  Travelling in off-peak months can make transport and accommodation costs a lot cheaper.  Should the destination offer the best weather in October, then simply going in September or November can help you save some money and attain the peace and quiet that you both desire. or check out affordable beach vacation packages.


Wedding Budgets: How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On A Honeymoon

Make cuts to your wedding

Should you and your partner have a dream destination in mind for your honeymoon yet find out that you can’t afford it because you are spending too much on your wedding, then why not cut costs on the wedding? Instead of offering a free bar, you could ask guests to contribute.  There will be many areas of a wedding that can be just as satisfactory after reducing their costs. 

Look for all-inclusive packages

Sometimes, going all-inclusive on your holiday can be the answer to getting the best experience yet not spending too much money.  Therefore, instead of going self-catered or opting for breakfast only, you might be able to find the best deals through all-inclusive packages. These offer all drinks and food inclusive of the price, as well as the accommodation costs. Sometimes the transportation is included too, among other activities at the place. 


It can also be a great answer for those that want nothing but peace and relaxation on their honeymoon. You won’t need to fuss about finding restaurants or a nearby bar. Instead, you can enjoy it all at your accommodation.  This is the best idea for those that want nothing more to do than relax. Although fancy resorts can be more costly, if it is your desire, then opting for one with a great all-inclusive deal will still help you save money while attaining the desired resort. 


Wedding Budgets: How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On A Honeymoon

Start saving early

Should you want the dream wedding and the honeymoon, then the ultimate advice is to start saving early. There is no use in trying to save enough in just a year. Instead, plan ahead of time, find the overall cost, and save until you meet your goal.


At the end of the day, your big day and honeymoon will only happen once. So being patient, organized, and savvy with your financial planning will help you have the best time of your life.




Wedding Budgets: How To Avoid Breaking The Bank On A Honeymoon


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