Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.

If you are contemplating getting married abroad and you have a luxurious vision for your wedding day then look no further than Italian wedding planners Viasario and Co. With their prestigious and meticulous wedding planning and exquisite vision they will help you create a wedding that is a personal love story full of dreamy details. Based in Italy but planning weddings all over Europe their style is adaptable to your vision but always filled with luxury details that make your wedding day more than you ever dreamed of and your planning experience like no other! Let’s take a look closer look and delve into who they are and what they can offer…


Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.

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“Do you want your fairytale wedding day in the beautiful country of Italy? That’s what we’re here for. We love to tell your stories and create unforgettable experiences with an elegant and refined atmosphere. Each of our weddings are unique, original and unrepeatable, they’re a harmony of elements, decorations and styles tailored just for you. We make your wedding day yours by using your vision and adding in all the dreamy details. Every element woven into your day should tell your personal story of love and commitment. From your stunning stationery to the fragrant blossoms in your florals. It’s the small things that create the biggest memories. We love refined ambiance and genuine vibes and style and design are key to us. We love getting to know our couples and listening to their wishes so that we can help them put their dream visions into practice. Collating all these things are what makes your wedding day yours.”


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Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.

CHIARA – Owner and Creative Director

“As the founder and Creative Director of Viarisio & Co., I pride myself on being the meticulous and visionary force driving the team forward. My role extends beyond mere coordination; I oversee every aspect of our projects, ensuring that each detail aligns seamlessly with our clients’ dreams and desires.

I entrust my talented team with the execution of our clients’ visions, knowing that their precision and flair will exceed expectations. While my physical presence may not always be constant, my personal touch permeates every aspect of the events we undertake.

I believe in delivering nothing short of perfection.

Each event bears the imprint of my dedication. Together with my team, we guarantee a planning journey where every decision reflects our collective dedication to crafting unforgettable experiences.”

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs



Alongside Chiara both Serena and Nina help to curate your dream weddings. Serena is a passionate daydreamer and the friendly face you’ll come to know and trust throughout your journey to “I do”. With organization and attention to detail as her stylemarks, she paints visions of charming and ethereal events, nurturing them from mere ideas to splendid realities. With here years of extensive experience Nina has cultivated a keen ability to understand people and their needs, allowing her to ensure a flawless experience for you and your guests, with every detail meticulously planned and executed. It’s safe to say your wedding is in great hands with this amazing team!


Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.

Photography @carlapenoncelli

Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.

Your Planning Journey With Viasario and Co.

“Each couple we work with is different and we tailor our planning process to you. So, depending on your needs and requirments we offer a range of services to help you curate the wedidng you’ve always dreamed of…”



“Our work consists mainly in scouting locations for the wedding. Both for the ceremony and for the reception. May the ceremony be religious, civil or symbolic we will find the perfect place.
Sometimes it can all be in one location, other times they may be in different places. After a careful selection we will send you a first proposal and based on your feedback we will identify two or three locations to visit together.”



“Our full wedding planning service will ensure every single detail is planned to perfection and we will be there to support you along the way. On the wedding day itself we will be there to make sure everything runs as planned and perfectly”

• Assistance throughout the planning
• Help with the choice of suppliers involved in your wedding
• Coordination of suppliers
• Budget Management
• Management of the timing of the event
• Site inspections during the organization phase
• Presence of Wedding Planner on wedding day
• Assistant from the Wedding Planner staff during wedding day.



“If you dream of living a wonderful immersive experience in the Italian atmosphere, we can help you create a 3-day wedding extravaganza. From the landing of your plane until your flight back, we will plan a stress-free wedding event for you and your guests. Transfers, rehearsal dinner, day-after-wedding brunch are just a few services that can be combined with the traditional wedding planning service.”



“We will follow the process necessary for legal documents, making sure you have everything in place. We can do this directly or we can give you all the information to complete correctly the bureaucratic process. this includes anything for your civil or religious ceremony also. We can evaluate Italian fees, venue stamp, possible translation, shipping costs, and if necessary any translator requriements too.”


Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.



“To create your perfect wedding we use nothing but visuals. We develop mood boards and a recap of the design of the wedding, based on your ideas and thoughts and the inspirational photos you will have shared with us. We will work together with you for the styling of the event and we will give you suggestions and expert knowledge on the wedding palettes.”


“Our sketch and moodboard offering is a unique service designed especially for each couple. We will help you develop a uniquely creative design for your wedding through the creation of a mood board, handmade sketches and digital drawings, you can see some of these examples below. The purpose of a mood board or sketch is to help you imagine what every detail of your special day will look like. Every single design detail will be covered and re-worked until you are completely in love with it”



“We can work with you to create budget and timing files and will always keep these updated so you know exactly where you are. These will have clearly indicated the agreed costs for each supplier and deposits and balances with their deadlines. We will share this file with you every time there is a new update and you will be kept up-to date with every aspect of the planning process, what we will be doing and when. This way you will be able to know when we will be discussing a specific topic, be it the flowers or the music or the little details such as place names or wedding favours”


Supplier Spotlight: Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co.

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“Viasario and Co will make your wedding experience both unique and unforgettable. From the planning journey to getting ready in the morning to the last dance of the evening. Cherishing those moments is all you will have to do. Our meticulous planning and work behind the scenes on your special day will be taken care of.”
“It’s our promise to you…”

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Phone Turin, Italy – 3333983934

Website Viasario and Co.

Facebook @chiaraviarisioweddingplanner

Instagram @viarisio_chiara_wp



Italian Wedding Planners Viasario and Co


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