Why not Consider a Destination Wedding for your Big Day?

Since you’re ideally going to have just one wedding day, it’s worth pulling out all the stops to make the occasion memorable. And that’s what many couples end up doing. The average cost of a wedding in 2021 stood at £17,300 with many spending way more. One of the ways in which the cost is getting pushed up is through the increased popularity of overseas ‘destination weddings’. 


If you’re going to throw a special party, then it makes sense to do it in a special location. By getting married in a particular destination, you’ll make that destination part of the appeal of your wedding. It’s mostly for this reason that so many couples are electing to throw their weddings overseas. Let’s try to break down this reasoning in greater detail.


Why not Consider a Destination Wedding for your Big Day?

Amazing photos and views

You might want your wedding photos to be a little bit different from the sorts of photos you might take locally. You also might want to distinguish your wedding photos from those of your close friends and family. This is where a destination wedding can be appealing – you can choose from various backdrops, from beaches to mountainsides. 


A more intimate affair

If you’re going to be holding a wedding abroad, then you’ll naturally move toward a more compact guest list. This might actually help you to save money in other areas, and provide a better, more memorable experience for the guests who actually do make the cut. The further you’re travelling, the smaller you can make the guestlist without offending anyone. 


It provides a holiday

One of the major draws of a wedding overseas is that you get to travel overseas – not just for the day of the wedding, but for an entire weekend, or even longer. You might base your travel plans around your honeymoon, making things that little bit more convenient whether that is truly luxury or affordable beach vacation packages.

 Your guests might make an extended break of it, too. Broader tours of Europe tend to match nicely with overseas weddings. 


It can work out cheaper

As we’ve hinted, an overseas wedding might actually end up cheaper than the equivalent wedding in the UK. While your travel expenses will be higher, this might be counteracted by the savings you make in venue-hire, dresses, entertainment and catering.



Things to consider

There are a few things you’ll want to bear in mind when you’re sketching out your plans for a destination wedding. Most importantly, you’ll want to ensure your wedding is legally binding in the UK, unless you want to have a separate ceremony back home. It’s also worth thinking about how much your guests are going to be paying, and how far they’ll need to travel. This might go especially for elderly relatives who might not be able to fly.


Are you getting married abroad? Get our destination wedding packing guide here.



Why not Consider a Destination Wedding for your Big Day?


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