Honeymoon Planning – 6 Golden Rules For A Stress-Free Honeymoon

Planning a wedding means loads of planning and organising but at least you get to relax on the honeymoon when the big day is over. At least, that’s what people think, but sometimes, the honeymoon can be just as stressful as the wedding itself. Travelling is always stressful and there is a lot of pressure on the honeymoon because couples know that it’s supposed to be one of the most memorable trips of their life. However, if you follow these simple tips, you can have the stress-free honeymoon you always dreamed of.



Set A Clear Budget Before You Start Planning

When you set a budget for your honeymoon, make sure it’s realistic. Don’t plan a lavish honeymoon with the same budget that you used to buy your house or pay off your car. Decide how much spending money you have and stick to it. If you spend your entire savings account on your honeymoon, you will put yourself in a difficult financial position. The key is to set yourself an amount that will allow you to enjoy yourself without going into debt.


You need to budget for the big expenses like plane tickets and honeymoon accommodation but don’t forget about smaller travel expenses like car rentals, food and drink, and excursions. Make sure you calculate all of these expenses before you set a budget for the honeymoon but remember there are affordable beach vacation packages out there



Make Sure You Are Both On The Same Page

Before you even start planning, sit down and discuss your wants and needs for the trip. Are you avid travellers who will be spending most of your time exploring the local area or do you like to book out-of-the-way trips to exotic locations? Do you want a few days on the beach or do you prefer skiing in the mountains? Maybe both of you are content with an all-inclusive resort where there is no need to travel anywhere else.  Decide what’s important to both of you so that when it comes time to plan your honeymoon, everyone is happy with the idea. Then do some online research to find out the best adults-only wedding resorts for your dream wedding.


How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon


Research The Country Before You Go

If you haven’t been to the place where your honeymoon will be, do some research on it before you go. Read up on the area and get a feel for what’s out there. For example, if you’ve never been on an all-inclusive trip before, you are probably going to expect certain things like good food and lots of activities. However, if you go somewhere like Seychelles, which has only one big resort that caters to weddings every day of the year, those things might not be available to you. Do your homework so that when you get there everything is exactly as you expected it to be.


You should also research the local prices, tipping customs and laws of the country. For example, some places consider it a criminal offense to wear bathing suits in public. The last thing you want is to get arrested because you are wearing a bikini top on the beach. This is a worst-case scenario, of course, but you could easily end up offending locals if you don’t research the culture a bit before you go. 


It is also important to research the weather for the time of year you are going because it can be quite different than what you expect. For example, if you go on an African safari in August, don’t assume that it will always be sunny and warm like it is in July. Because Africa has two seasons – rainy season and dry season, which means that it could be really hot one day and really cold the next. Bad weather can ruin your trip, so don’t assume that it will be hot just because all of the pictures show blazing sunshine.


You can go online and read about your destination so you know what to expect when you get there. It’s also a great way to find out which places have good shopping or unique attractions if shopping isn’t your thing. If booking all-inclusive trips is something new for you, check online reviews before you sign up with anyone because sometimes resorts aren’t what they’re cracked up to be on their own website.


How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon


Consider Flying By Private Jet

If you have the money to spend on a private jet, it’s a great option because flying luxury is a great way to start off your holiday. If you have done it before, you may be wondering how private jet charters work and whether they are worth it? You will still fly from the airport but the whole process is far more seamless and you bypass a lot of the hassle of flying. You can save so much time by not changing planes and waiting in long lines at airports, which means that you will arrive at your destination sooner. A lot of people think that using a private jet is expensive but it really isn’t much more than first class would be and you get way more privacy and comfort too. This is the perfect luxury start to your honeymoon and it will help you avoid the normal stresses of air travel, so you are nice and relaxed when you arrive. 


Book Activities And Excursions Ahead Of Time

Planning your activities and excursions in advance is a great way to save time. You can book activities and excursions weeks before you leave. Some places even have deals running long before the vacation dates so you can get cheaper deals. You can also check out the weather and plan activities accordingly. That way if it rains some days, you can make sure that you have something fun planned and it doesn’t ruin the trip.


If planning activities in advance isn’t something that suits your style, then just leave yourself some time during the first day of your trip while you are still fresh so that you can look around and decide what you want to do first.


How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon


Give Yourself Some Time To Relax

Don’t plan everything down to the last detail. Try to leave some time to kick back and enjoy some downtime together on your honeymoon instead of following a schedule from day one. It makes for a much more enjoyable trip if you can just let yourself relax. If something is really important, then make a note of that so you don’t forget but give yourself some time when it will be special and relaxing just between the two of you with no interruptions or distractions. There is always another day to sightsee or shop but there is only today for your marriage so make sure that you are making the most out of it!


Also, allow time for the things that you didn’t plan. You might decide to just explore a new neighborhood or go shopping at a local market. Don’t be so rigid with your plans that you miss out on all the unexpected fun things because they are often the things that make your honeymoon memories so special and different from any other vacation you have ever experienced!


Honeymoons can be incredibly stressful, especially if you don’t plan well. Many couples feel a lot of pressure to pack too much in and they end up arguing. On the other hand, the trip can be a let down if you don’t plan enough so it’s all about finding a balance. But as long as you follow the tips on this list, you can have the perfect stress-free honeymoon you always dreamed of. 


For more honeymoon advice such as how to pack like a pro, read our article here.



Honeymoon Planning - 6 Golden Rules For A Stress-Free Honeymoon




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