Practical Advice When Planning An Extended Honeymoon

After celebrating your wedding day surrounded by family and friends, your honeymoon is the time to get away in the company of the person you love. The traditional honeymoon often consists of a romantic couple of weeks in the sun, though it is becoming increasingly popular to extend the honeymoon, whether it is by weeks or months, and travel further, for longer, and take in multiple countries or venues. So if you’re planning an extended honeymoon, we have some top tips and practical advice…



There are, of course, many practicalities to consider when planning an extended honeymoon. Cost is clearly a prime factor as well as how you might manage a prolonged break from work. There is also the huge issue of where in the world you want to travel, how many destinations, how you will travel from one location to another, where you will stay, and what you want to do at each destination. The beauty of an extended honeymoon is that it leaves behind the notion of a celebratory holiday and takes you into the realms of adventure. Once you have managed the practicalities of speaking to your boss, organised someone to look after your home, and planned your clothing and equipment needs, you can really start to plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip.


Extended honeymoons can take in a variety of themes along the way, selecting specific destinations to align with a particular phase of the trip – a secluded white sandy beach setting for romance; a bustling, cosmopolitan town for culture; a carefully chosen region for cuisine; or a remote mountainous region for adventure. There is a destination for all tastes and desires and affordable beach vacation packages too.



Honeymoon Planning - Practical Advice When Planning An Extended Honeymoon


Budgeting for your trip will be a crucial factor in achieving all that you wish for on your honeymoon. There are some great ideas to assist in paying for such things as hotels, flights, and other costs that are required to be paid before you leave, and there are fantastic products and Apps that can assist you in sticking to your budget whilst you are away, eliminating the fear of running out of money. TransFast can assist in the management of your finances by ensuring swift transfer of funds at the most competitive exchange rates, enabling you to get the most out of your budget. Payments can be planned so that there are specific funds available for each phase of your honeymoon.


Honeymoon Planning - Practical Advice When Planning An Extended Honeymoon


A popular choice is to set up a registry where your family and friends can contribute to the overall cost of your honeymoon. You can set up a wish list of activities or destinations, and your guests can contribute to the cost of their chosen one. There are many Apps available that keep all your travel plans in one easy to manage program, allowing you to see all of your flights, hotel reservations, trip itinerary and anything else you schedule into your time away. There are also Apps that can calculate expected expenditure, giving up-to-the-minute budget detail.


Honeymoon Planning - Practical Advice When Planning An Extended Honeymoon


An extended honeymoon will take some considerable planning. There are many programs and apps that can assist and then monitor, remind and advise on your honeymoon, that a dream can easily become reality.




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