Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Bespoke Wedding Dress

Today we are sharing a bridal shoot featuring Alex Murphy Klein; the pro ice skater who appeared in Dancing On Ice. She married YouTuber Paul Klein late last year, and wore a beautiful wedding dress by Kay Heeley. To celebrate her nuptials and the dress itself, Alex took part in a bridal shoot – something we are seeing more brides doing. This way you can get photos of yourself and the dress without all the extras – plus it’s a chance to celebrate you! We catch up with the team behind this shoot who share their vision with you…


Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress



We did this shoot for Kay Heeley’s launch of Alex’s bridal dress. We wanted to showcase the dress in different environments , as the dress itself is versatile. So we took it from elegance to alpaca farm. Couples can have a beautiful exclusive location wedding by incorporating fun shoots with animals as well as the bride changing up her look mid wedding!” 




Alex Murphy shares her top tip for couples on there wedding day:  “Stay with your partner the whole day! You won’t regret it! And every single one of our photos, both of us are together holding hands, and it was the best thing we did… we got to spend the whole day together and experience the wedding as a couple, and I know a lot of couples regret not making this a priority.”




The Venue

“We got exclusive use barn venue surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is Coltsfoot Weddings and they have a wedding planner to help you with everything along the way.”


Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress


Get The Look


The Dress

“Key is to try everything. 90% of brides think they know what they want but almost always walk away with the complete opposite in style. Visit a boutique with lots of choice but don’t be tempted to go to lots as you get over faced easily too! I would recommend trying at least 8 dresses to get a clear vision of what looks good. Alex’s dress was made bespoke by bridal designer Kay Heeley as so many brides love certain elements from dresses. By choosing bespoke brides can have literally all their favourite look rolled into one, and have so much fun coming to fittings and physically seeing their dream turn into reality.”


“Accessorize! Accessories can be so fun for today’s brides and the possibilities are endless with the hot trend of detachable items such as sleeves and trains. Also mix veils with gloves, tiaras with hair clips and hair vines. Change the look of your dress throughout the day to keep it fresh and your guests wondering what’s next.”





“My top tips for choosing your wedding photographer.

Tip number one – pick me! Ha, jokes (but not really). But by putting that in, I have shown you a bit of my personality, which is important when choosing what photographer you want to capture your day. You need to like their style of photos and edits, but more importantly, you need to like them – your photographer is with you ALL day! I always tell my couples I am about to become their mini best friend for the day – we are so much more than your photographer, and it is essential to connect with the person who will be right up there with you, capturing all these special moments. So ask them as many questions as possible, look at their vibe on their socials, set up a phone or video call – or even a coffee date and check that you feel comfortable and happy with their personality before you book them to capture your love.”



Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress

Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress


The Flowers

“Choose a florist who you connect with and whose style you like, have a look at their Instagram or website and look at reviews from previous brides to see their feedback. I have a meeting and get to know my client as well as really getting a good indication of what they are looking for, generally starting with the bridesmaid’s dress colour and what colour suits and ties the guys are wearing. Then I put a colour palette together with that in mind, as everything needs to blend in beautifully. Most brides are happy to leave it up to me about flower choices unless there is something they particularly want included – I haven’t had a disappointed client yet! For this shoot I was left to a completely free reign so my bouquet centred round these lovely quicksand roses then I just look around and choose what I like to go with them. I love how this bouquet turned out.”




Hair and Makeup

“Bridal top tips for lead up to their wedding day are: don’t change your skincare, as a rule, don’t start any new skincare in the weeks leading up to the wedding as this may cause a reaction for your big day. The sooner you start getting in your 2L of water a day, the more the skin will thank you.  Find a makeup artist you trust. Finding someone you trust to make you look your best on probably the biggest day of your life can be stressful, but it’s an important step to make sure that your makeup looks just how you want, but also someone who you feel comfortable around, we are a big part of your wedding and we love being part of it..


“Tips for getting your hair in top condition leading up to big day: start thinking about your hair in advance if you think your hair could use a little oomph, try popping a daily vitamin with biotin. Have a haircut at least every 6-8 weeks, this will keep it growing and fuller. Try not to brush with wet hair, if you do use a de tangle brush and start at the ends.”




Content Creation

“Having a content creator is a new trend for 2024 but why having one is good for brides to be? Imagine hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos and videos from your wedding day delivered to you within 24 hours! Everything is ready to share on social media. Seen a TikTok trend you love? We’ll do those too!”



Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress


The Team:



Photographer: @

Dress: @kayheeleyforperfectbridal

Makeup: @b.mills.mua

Hair: @sashadowlerhairdressing_x

Venue: @coltsfootweddings

Flowers: @bloom_in_gorgeous

Content Creator: @yourreelwedding

Bride: @almurph18


Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress


Alex Murphy Showcases Her Kay Heeley Wedding Dress





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