How To Keep Children Entertained At Your Wedding  

We know that not everybody wants to have children at their wedding. It’s down to your choice, but if you are having children at your wedding and you are wondering how to keep them entertained, we have you covered!  


As today is Children’s Day, we thought we would share some of our favourite ways to keep children at your wedding happy and entertained. Whatever your budget there is something you can do, hire or make that will leave a lasting impression on them, and allow them to still be kids for the day. Take a look at our favourites:


Hire an entertainer

If you have it within your budget and there will be several children at your wedding then consider hiring an entertainer. There are people out there who specialise in entertaining children, especially for weddings and events. From magicians to character performers and even workshop hosts. Hire a professional who can keep the children entertained during parts of your wedding day – especially during speeches and parts where there isn’t much engagement for them.  

It is definitely an option that will not only keep the children entertained but also something that they will remember and love for a long time after!  


How To Keep Children Entertained At Your Wedding   

Create a ‘Children’s Only’ area

Nothing makes children feel more special than something that is specifically designed just for them! If your venue allows the space, why not create an area that is just for the kids? You can have tipi’s and games for them to sit in and play. It’s also a really lovely way for children who might not have seen each other before to meet and connect. You can even style up the area and provide cushions (or teddies for younger children) and make them feel that extra bit special.  

If a tipi isn’t really your thing then consider having a children’s only area that has tabletop games, sweets stands and activities that they can do. Maybe even pop an ‘Only children allowed’ sign up just to make them feel extra special. If the children are young then you can also designate an adult to help in the area or hire someone to do activities here.  


Special Food and Drink

If your budget and venue allow then another way you can keep children entertained is by giving them their own food and drink. Although venues will cater wedding breakfast menus to children attending – it can be an option to give the children something else entirely. Could you create a children’s afternoon tea party? Or have a children’s buffet filled with bits they can choose themselves (with adult supervision!)? You could even have mini versions of food that children will like and style it up differently from the rest of the tables.  

You might even want to have the children sit at their own table to enjoy this and to connect with the other children.  


Activity packs and colouring

If you don’t have a huge budget or don’t have that many children at the wedding then why not create an activity pack for each child and place it on their seat at the table? You can fill it with colouring sheets, pencils, games and even a treasure hunt! It’s the perfect way to keep the children entertained throughout the wedding breakfast especially. If you need something to pop on your tables then take a look at our Kids Table Pack – our downloadable activity pack filled with lots of activities to keep them entertained whenever you need it!  



Outdoor Garden games

There is nothing children love more than playing outside! So if you have the option, hiring some outdoor garden games is a really cool way to keep them entertained. Think of classics like Connect 4, ten pin bowling and even hopscotch! They provide endless amounts of fun and entertainment – you might even consider having a little tournament or some games if you have the time.  

If you don’t have the option of having outdoor games, then consider having some smaller games inside? You can buy tabletop games like table football, pool and ice hockey to make things interesting. Just make sure to position anything like this in a safe space away from anything valuable.  


Incorporate some disco games into the evening 

If there are children there who are going to be staying until the start of the evening, then maybe consider adding in some disco games that will really keep them entertained. Think of all the games you used to play at school discos – musical statues etc and ask your entertainment if they would be happy to incorporate some of these games into the evening to keep the children, and even the adults, entertained. It’s not just fun for the kids but can also make for some really funny photographs that you will laugh about forever!  


How To Keep Children Entertained At Your Wedding  


Give them a ‘role’

This is great if you only have a few children at your wedding and they are old enough to understand. Why not give them their own role on the wedding day that they can focus on? It doesn’t have to be anything major or anything with too much responsibility but something fun and memorable for them. Roles like a flower girl, showing people to their seats etc. The key with this is something that feels like a special reward and they will really love feeling they are in charge of.  


There are so many ways you can keep children entertained at your wedding. Plus, whatever budget you have, you can create something that is just for them! Children love feeling involved in weddings as it can often be a little overwhelming for them to be around so many adults so just think of fun things that will keep them going and allow them to feel part of it.  



How To Keep Children Entertained At Your Wedding  













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