Magpie Wedding Gift Guide – Great British Alcohol For Your Wedding Day

We had so many great British alcohol options for your wedding day, we had to do a part 2! So if you’re looking at keeping your wine and spirits local(ish) when it comes to your wedding day booze then check out both gift guide blogs with all the yummy options! All you have to do is pick your choice of tipple and even get creative with it if you wish! Lots of the companies have delicious, mouth-watering cocktail ideas too, so get choosing what you’re going to serve to your guests…


Wasabi Vodka

The Wasabi Company produces all sorts of yummy wasabi based products including this beautiful Wasabi Vodka. This small-batch vodka is made at the Winchester Distillery and uses wasabi grown on the company’s farm in Hampshire very close to the distillery meaning the carbon footprint is very low. The water used in the vodka comes from natural springs of their sister companies farm (The Watercress Company) the caps are wooden and the whole bottle is recyclable. What’s more, it tastes amazing!  The vodka successfully captures and releases the flavour and fire of real wasabi giving it a distinctive and powerful flavour and pungent heat. Perfect served over ice, it pairs perfectly with sushi & sashimi but any mixologist worth their salt will love it in a Dirty Martini or Bloody Mary.



Green Man Woodland Gin

Silent Pool Distillers launched the first spirit in the world to be packaged in a cardboard bottle. This Green Man Woodland Gin comes in a 100% recyclable bottle marking the sustainability benchmark for the industry. As the first commercially available paper bottled spirit, the distillery acknowledged the demand from consumers and retailers alike, for a sustainable offering that not only does its part for the environment but also tastes incredible. The botanicals used to create Green Man are inspired by the woodlands of Surrey where Silent Pool Distillers is located.  The result is a London Dry Gin handcrafted with 25 botanicals associated with the Green Man myth and the old pagan season of Beltane, with birch, rowan, Hawthorn and rosemary all making an appearance.


Magpie Wedding Gift Guide – Great British Alcohol For Your Wedding Day

Oxford Rye

Oxford Rye by The Oxford Artisan Distillery is a truly unique spirit grown using ancient heritage grains, all grown within 50 miles of Oxford, and uses eco-friendly regenerative farming techniques too! Twice distilled and then rested in American oak barrels to bring out its best characteristics, Oxford Rye has an intoxicating aroma of sandalwood and vanilla, with nutty and spicy notes on the palate. Uniquely, each year the actual flavour of Oxford Rye varies – due to the distillery’s farming practices and subject to the natural, unforced, evolution of the grains. Oxford Rye is one of a range of spirits produced by the firm, which is one of Britain’s very few ‘grain-to-glass distilleries. It also makes a mean long drink with ginger beer, a squeeze of lime and dash of Angostura!

Magpie Wedding Gift Guide – Great British Alcohol For Your Wedding Day

Cranes Gin

Perfect for a Christmas wedding or just for Christmas in general Cranes Cranberry Gin is a heartwarming drink to serve for your guests. It is also perfect as wedding favours as they do 5cl miniature bottles. Cranes Gin is crafted in Cambridgeshire by co-founders and twin brothers Ben & Dan. The double award-winning gin uses over 50 of the finest cranberries per bottle, creating a smooth and fruity, yet delightfully sharp gin. It’s a must-try for any gin lover.


Magpie Wedding Gift Guide – Great British Alcohol For Your Wedding Day

BOCO By House Coren

The new fizz on the block is Boco by House Coren. This sparkling wine has now burst onto the English wine scene, made using the Charmat method and one of the first of its kind in the UK. It’s a high-quality Charmat method sparkling wine made in West Sussex using top-quality English grapes. Just like the method used in Prosecco, the secondary fermentation that occurs under pressure creates carbon dioxide and gives the wine its natural fizz. By fermenting in a tank rather than a bottle, the wine can be released earlier, so it is bursting with fruit-driven flavours yet still showcases the crispness of English-grown grapes. Boco by House Coren is one of the very first Charmat method wines to be made in the UK using English grown grape.


Magpie Wedding Gift Guide – Great British Alcohol For Your Wedding Day






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