8 Ways to Reduce Stress And Feel Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Without heaping pressure on (as we are SO not about that!) you tell us over in our Unique Bride Club, that you want to make sure you feel your absolute best, without changing yourself. From your skin to your dress and even to your partner (!), here are eight ways you can make sure you feel your best on your wedding day. 


8 Ways to Feel Your Best On Your Wedding Day


Take Care Of Your Skin


You should take care of your skin all the time, but it’s especially important when it comes to your wedding day – and skincare and breakouts are one of the worries you share with us. High-quality moisturisers from services like Net Voucher Codes will keep your skin glowing which is perfect for those close up photographs of you smiling as you’ve never smiled before. You should make sure to apply these moisturisers and face creams regularly in the months leading up to your wedding, as a simple night-before application won’t cut it. We have also written about the current skincare issues that we are facing – “maskne” here.


Give Your Dress Time 


It sounds so obvious that you should have your dress picked out as early as possible, but some brides don’t always get to it too quickly. This isn’t because they don’t want to, but life, work, and money can all get in the way. Even so, it’s important to make sure you know which dress you will wear as early as possible. If you know your dress, you can also pick out the right shoes, make-up, and hairstyle, and this will save you any awful stress that could come if you’re rushing around unable to find the right items in the week leading up to your big day. 


Know Your Hairstyle


Speaking of hair, you should consider all the possible styles you could have and then find a style that you feel is most suitable for your wedding day. You’ll need to consider how the hairstyle looks with the dress, but also think about how it will match the decor at the venue. If you can’t pick the perfect hairstyle, practice a few that you feel are the most likely choices and see how they make you feel. As with most things on your wedding day, once you find the perfect hairstyle, you’ll know it’s the right one. 


Get Your Mani-Pedi


It should be no surprise that there will be a lot of focus on your hands and fingers on your wedding day. People will want to look at your wedding ring, so you may want to make sure your nails are professionally cared for. A manicure and pedicure can make your hands and feet look perfect, but make sure you don’t get it done too early, as there’s a risk you could break a nail before the ceremony. 


Practice Your Make-Up


Even if you have the perfect idea in mind for your make-up, the results could be a little too different than what you expected. The toner or shade may not match with your dress or hair, so give yourself a ‘test-drive’ to make sure it’s the right look for you. Everyone has their preference when it comes to make-up, so don’t listen to what others think. Find a style that fits you the best and matches your look. 


Get Plenty of Rest


You don’t want to show up at the wedding with bags under your eyes or yawn through the ceremony. While you might think it will be impossible to sleep the night before, you must get enough rest the night before, and the nights leading up, too. Thankfully, the days of hen and stag dos the night before the wedding are long gone, so you’ll not need to worry about being too worse for wear the next day. Instead, a full nights sleep will ensure you’re energised and more importantly, relaxed about your wedding day. 


Stay Hydrated 


You are already told how important it is to stay hydrated every day. You’ve probably got a special Bride To Be reusable water bottle that you take everywhere LOL. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways you can ensure you look your best on your wedding day. It will stop you from snacking, it will make your skin glow, and it can keep your energy levels high, ensuring you’re ready for the long and exciting day ahead. 


Don’t Forget Your Partner  


It’s not just you that’s getting married, so you want your partner to look and feel their best too. To ensure they feel as good as you, offer them all the advice above and encourage them to take as much care of themselves as possible. Plus together you can each other to de-stress and to relax.


Your Best Day 


If you’re anything like the billions of other brides throughout history, you will want to feel your best on your wedding day so you can look back at the photographs with the fondest memories. While you may not need all of these tips, picking most of them will certainly help you stand out as the beautiful bride you were always destined to be. 



This is a collaborative post.


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