How To Avoid Maskne From Wearing A Face Mask On Your Wedding Day

Maskne – how’s this for a subject matter that I never thought I’d need to write? I really do believe that in years to come, whenever something unbelievably unlucky and/or farfetched happens, people will claim it to be ‘such a 2020 thing to happen’.

“Masks on your wedding day, it’s so 2020”.

But, it is what it is and I want to talk to you about 2 different mask related issues across the next few articles.


How To Avoid Maskne From Wearing A Face Mask On Your Wedding Day


The first being ‘Maskne’. That’s when wearing a mask can make your skin breakout and it is very much a thing.

The run up to your wedding day without being in the middle of a global pandemic can make your skin breakout, add in the stress plus wearing a mask and there’s a high chance you’ll have some skin upset.


Here are my tips for keeping on top of it.


Firstly, and this is an obvious one. CLEAN YOUR MASK. Wash it regularly and thoroughly if you’re not wearing disposable ones.

Just the very act of wearing a piece of material on your face which you’re breathing into, trapping those moisture particles into the material and on your skin is a bacterial breeding ground.


Skincare – this seems like the opposite of what you’d expect me to say but DO NOT rush out and start loading up your skin with over the counter acne products. That includes foaming face washes and scrubs marketed at teenage skin.

Your skin isn’t going to respond well to being punished!


This type of ‘acne’ is bacterial and bought on by congestion and moisture. By all means, you need to clean your skin thoroughly but with something gentle, not foaming. When you use something too foams you upset the acid-alkaline balance of your skin, making it a bacterial breeding ground.


I highly recommend a balm cleanser and using it twice. Something like Evolve Gentle Cleansing Balm  (use code Katy10 for 10% discount – affiliate link) or, if your skin is heavily broken out and tender, Avene Tolerance Cleansing Lotion is excellent for sensitive/sensitised skin.

A product I also highly recommend is La Roche Posay serozinc spray  a mattifying yet hydrating spray that purifies and soothes. Zinc is a GREAT anti acne ingredient. If you need to wear your mask for prolonged periods, grab the handbag size for a regular spritz throughout the day.


Keep your moisturiser light and non comedogenic. you can keep SPF off the area underneath the mask if it’s on all day. If you’re really in the throes of a bad breakout I love this product, La Roche Posay Cicaplast Gel  for hydration but also for repairing the skin’s barrier (also known as the lipid barrier/acid mantle) and helps the skin build up its’ own natural defences. It’s antibacterial too and comes in a balm texture if you’re drier.


Lastly, if you’re suffering with Acne, whether it’s mask related or not, the best thing I can do for you is to suggest you talk to a Dermatologist.


However, getting an appointment with a GP at the moment is hard work. So, I have been using a company called Dermatica. They are an incredible online dermatology pharmacy and you can get an incredible skin prescription online via post. It’s thorough and personal, you have an online consultation and send regular skin photos and if I tell you, my horrendous acne went in less than 6 weeks. And it’s approx £20/month. So worth it.


I will be back later this week with tips on how to apply your wedding makeup when you have to wear a mask for some of your wedding day.




How To Avoid Maskne From Wearing A Face Mask On Your Wedding Day



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