How To Match Your Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring

Now that your engagement ring is sitting beautifully on your finger, there’s much to consider – one in particular being your wedding ring. As the ring is a symbol of your eternal love, it needs to look good and feel good, especially when paired alongside your engagement band.


Finding the perfect stackable ring can seem daunting at first given the variety of styles available on the market. To help you create the perfect bridal ring set, take a look at our advice below, covering everything from the type of metal to the style of the ring and cut of the gemstone.



Selecting a metal

Traditionally, brides-to-be often choose a wedding band of the same metal type as their engagement ring. Yet, we are seeing mixed-metal sets gaining recognition – most notably combinations of white, yellow, and rose gold.


Just be mindful that rings of different materials can become scratched easily should one metal be harder than the other. An example being platinum and yellow gold; since gold is much softer, it can get scuffed.


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Choosing your wedding band

Once you’ve chosen the metal of your ring, it’s now time to make a decision as to what style of wedding band you want. First, however, think about whether you’d prefer a ring that sits flush against your engagement band or if you’re happy to leave a small gap between the two.


This will likely depend on the setting of your engagement ring, especially if it has a low setting with a centre stone. If ensuring the two fit perfectly together is important to you, it’s essential that you figure out which type of band is best.


If you have a high-set engagement ring or want to avoid a gap between the rings, a suitable choice is a classic band. This could be something as simple as a plain metal band or an eternity ring with pavé diamonds.


For those with a low-set engagement ring who want their band to sit flush, consider a contoured wedding band. These are specially designed to match the curvature of your engagement ring and can even be custom-made. Alternatively, notched wedding bands are similar in the sense that they have a small indentation to allow the stone of the engagement ring to fit in snug, similar to a puzzle piece.


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Matching the centre stone cut

It’s not just the position, quantity, and type of gemstone that matter when it comes to pairing your engagement ring with your wedding ring, the cut is important too. For example, a marquise engagement ring should be partnered with something equally as delicate and flattering such as a ring jacket or open band.


Oval engagement rings are easily complemented by a curved wedding band or a diamond band that consists of oval-shaped diamonds to establish a consistent pairing. A pear-cut engagement ring is best paired with a notched wedding band, allowing you to showcase the gemstone in all its glory, but you could also opt for a ring jacket.


And lastly, the round-cut. These centre stones are one of the most popular choices for engagement rings due to their beauty and versatility. You can get away with pretty much any wedding band and still find it complements your engagement ring perfectly.


How To Match Your Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring

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