Supplier Spotlight: Sustainable Wedding Flowers With Somerset Blooms

Today we are introducing you to an award-winning sustainable florist whom we met at The Sustainable Wedding Awards earlier this year. We love any business that embraces being more ethical and that includes sustainable wedding flowers. We catch up with Nathalie from Somerset Blooms to find out more about her work and why she is so passionate about being an eco-wedding supplier.


Supplier Spotlight: Sustainable Flowers With Somerset Blooms


We are an award-winning wedding and events florist specialising in nature-inspired floral design for eco-conscious people. We curate abundant and elegant floral designs with sustainability and our client’s vision at the forefront. We are based in Liverpool and cover North-West, Cheshire and Lancashire. I love meeting newly engaged couples and hearing all about their plans, vision and ideas for their upcoming weddings. I enjoy helping people bring their vision to life through floral artistry and the natural beauty of fresh flowers.”


What are your influences when you create?

“Nature, the outdoors, the forest, the lake and Autumnal walks in the park. Spa scents and wholesome floral scents. Dreamy colour palettes and luxurious fabrics and decor also inspire us.


How would you describe your style?

“Our style leans towards a relaxed and elegant style of floristry with a nature-inspired twist. We love abundant floral designs for weddings and we are equally creative and have fun with simple yet impactful designs too. We are inspired by the outdoors, by nature and using Earthy colour palettes. My go-to designs are English garden and wildflower designs, for their shape, movement & colour.”


Supplier Spotlight: Sustainable Wedding Flowers With Somerset Blooms

Photos by Captured Life Photography



Who is your typical couple?

“Nature-loving couples who care about the planet. Our typical couple looks for a high-end finish and enjoys their florals being bespoke to them. They wed at exclusive venues and like their florals to mimic nature.

How important is being sustainable?

“Sustainability is at the forefront of every design. I pride myself on creating guilt-free designs that people enjoy and putting back into the Earth what we take out – for example, homemade compost helps grow new flowers the following year!”



Photo by Vandersteen Photography

Photo by Vandersteen Photography


What are you most proud of so far?

“I started Somerset Blooms with £40 and a bucket of flowers – I am proud that we have created a thriving business as well as achieving the ‘Sustainable Start-Up’ Award from the SWA recently. I am proud to have reduced our footprint significantly by changing our behaviour such as local deliveries by bicycle, avoiding chemicals for growing and maintaining flowers and by utilising technology to eliminate the use of paper, fuel and inks.”


What is next for you and your company?

“I am launching a new digital wedding brochure showcasing more inspirational images of my portfolio for couples which includes a practical wedding planning checklist. Our next goal is to buy an electric van for the projects further afield – this is a huge step for us in reducing our footprint even further!”



Supplier Spotlight: Sustainable Wedding Flowers With Somerset Blooms

Photo by Vandersteen Photography




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Sustainable Wedding Flowers With Somerset BloomsSustainable Wedding Flowers With Somerset Blooms



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