Wedding Guest And Bridesmaid Style: Formal Maxi Dresses

Long formal maxi dresses are often reserved for special occasions and events, so whether you’re attending a wedding, the races, a baptism, a cruise, homecoming, or prom, long gowns could be the perfect choice.  Whether you’re searching for a sophisticated evening gown with strappy elements and sequins or a really straightforward long gown with a simple style, we’ve got you covered! These also work for bridesmaids too!


Dark or black colour gowns

When looking for long formal dresses, black gowns are really elegant and include a vast array of patterns. You may discover a long black dress that is appropriate for any event, ranging from shimmering satins to translucent mesh, with dramatic leg splits and plunging necklines. It is easy to think black doesn’t work for a wedding but we reckon they’re super elegant!


Wedding Guest And Bridesmaid Style: Formal Maxi Dresses


Classy long formal wear

Although formal attire is typically associated with maturity and tradition, this isn’t always the case. Your long gown can effortlessly draw attention to, rather than hide, your best features with features like deep plunging necklines, leg splits that almost reach the hips, sheer panels, and backless designs.


Elegant formal gowns are sure to make an impression on you and everyone around you since they may incorporate flirtatious and fun accents into your ensemble while maintaining a formal appearance.



Sleeveless long dresses

A guest at a winter wedding? A beach-ready ensemble with a bit more protection? Or simply choose a garment with sleeves?  These long-sleeved gowns, which frequently have a modern spin on the classic, are ideal for providing a little covering while still feeling effortlessly elegant and on-trend. They include daring plunging necklaces, low backs for a flirtatious display of flesh, belts to tighten the waist, and figure-hugging fitting patterns that make them ideal for all of your forthcoming parties and gatherings.



Wedding Guest And Bridesmaid Style: Formal Maxi Dresses

Choir dresses

Choir dresses provide a striking visual symphony of style and colour on stage because they are a special combination of beauty and functionality. These clothes are made with great care from high-quality fabrics including sequin, tulle, and chiffon, which guarantees comfort and longevity throughout performances. These gowns are so beautiful because they are so versatile. They come in a range of colours, from the traditional black and white to the vivid reds, blues, and greens, which let choirs show off their individuality while looking more impressive on stage. 


Springtime floral dresses

Is there a more perfect springtime outfit than a lovely floral dress? A floral dress is a tried-and-true springtime staple and a timeless closet contender, whether you decide to go big and select bold, enormous designs that play with contrasts or ditsy, delicate flower patterns that rival your grandma’s wallpaper. Wear yours with a headpiece that exudes eccentricity and shoes that bring out a hue in the design to create consistency.


Wedding Guest And Bridesmaid Style: Formal Maxi Dresses

Mini formal dresses

One thing unites all of our favourite little spring cocktail dresses: they’re minis. Minis are ideal for spring and its warmer temperatures since they make a statement in your closet and make you stand out from the crowd.  Because people’s attention is drawn to the edge of hems, legs appear longer on shorter dresses. If you like maxi dresses usually, a slit in the front leg can accomplish the same overall look. A coherent style that might make you appear taller is also produced by dressing in one block colour or colours that are comparable to it. Consider pastels for springtime, such as pink, yellow, and green.



Wedding Guest And Bridesmaid Style: Formal Maxi Dresses

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