What Do Bridesmaids Do Before and During Your Wedding?

What do bridesmaids actually do? If you’re here then it’s a question you’ve asked yourself. Whether you’re a bridesmaid, bridesman or bridesmate looking to see what’s expected of you, or you’re a bride that’s looking to see what you can expect of your bridal party we’re here to help! It’s worth noting that not all of the following are must-do things. It really depends on the style of wedding day, the type of couple who are getting married and many other circumstances that surround a wedding day. However, we’ve got our most (dare we say it) traditional duties and expectations on the question What do bridesmaids do?


What Do Bridesmaids Do?


Celebrate With You

The first and most simple reason they are there is for the celebrations! Whether that be the initial ‘OMG you’re getting married’ or the engagement party and beyond. Your besties are there for you through the good times (and the bad) so celebrating together, though I’m sure is not really a role or responsibility, more of a privilege, is a great way to get excited about the upcoming nuptials and start as you mean to go on!


What Do Bridesmaids Do?

Be Emotionally Supportive and Calm

Wedding planning can be both overwhelming and stressful at times. As one of the chosen bridal party, you are there to be both emotionally supportive and calm. If the bride is feeling overwhelmed by something in particular is there a way you can ease the pressure by offering to take on a certain aspect of a task? If they just need a break from planning and want to not talk about it you could arrange a day out or an evening in together doing something you both love! Try and be as supportive as possible, talk things through and help where you can!


What Do Bridesmaids Do?

Help With Wedding Planning

Now this one is obvious. As a bridesmaid/bridesmate you are there to help! You will have been chosen for a particular reason so use your skills in any way you can when it comes to helping with the planning. Are you a great organiser? Do you have any creative skills? Find out what your friend needs help with and if there’s nothing in particular, offer to help with the things you know you can smash out of the park for the couple!


What Do Bridesmaids Do?

Go Shopping With You

Wedding dress shopping in most cases is super fun, and it’s a great excuse for some days out with your besties. If you know where you are going dress shopping then offer to make the appointments, making sure there’s plenty of time in between each one, and space for a spot of lunch and some downtime of course! Having a breather in between can help to discuss the dresses tried and can lead to not feeling too overwhelmed by the experience. Most of all have some fun with this part of the role!


What Do Bridesmaids Do?



Communication in life is key! It may come easy to you but lots of people fail to communicate properly when it comes to weddings. Make sure your roles and responsibilities are crystal clear, and communicate anything you are not sure about with the couple.


What Do Bridesmaids Do?

Plan The Hen Party

Most bridal parties are responsible for planning the hen party. It could fall down to the whole bridal party or just the maid/mate of honour. You should have a good idea of what she will love, but before going ahead check the details such as location/date/times, you can do this without giving anything away if you want it to be a surprise!


What Do Bridesmaids Do?


Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly

Although this is not your sole responsibility you are definitely a key part of making sure everything runs smoothly, especially on the wedding day itself. Take time to go over everything with the happy couple and know the itinerary of the day and what is due to happen and when. If there are small details that create an issue on the day, see if you can sort them out first without having to cause any extra unwanted stress.





What Do Bridesmaids Do?


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