How To Plan The Perfect Summer Proposal

Summer is perfect for many things, from lounging in the sun to taking trips to the beach for a swim. It’s also a season filled with romance, making it the ideal backdrop for popping the big question. Just think of it – a warm-weather proposal while the sun is shining or as it sets behind you when you drop to one knee! 


The extended daylight hours and general sense of ease and leisure provide a unique opportunity to plan a memorable engagement. Whether you choose a quiet moment during a romantic picnic or a dramatic gesture in a hot air balloon, summer’s versatility makes it great for a proposal that suits your love story. 


Here is everything you need to know to plan the perfect summer proposal:


How To Plan The Perfect Summer Proposal

Before you decide where, you need to choose the perfect engagement ring

Apart from you and your partner, some would say the engagement ring is the most important element of your proposal. It can feel like a lot of pressure but finding the perfect engagement ring is easier than you might originally think. 


You don’t need to spend an arm or a leg either to make your partner feel special. Think about their style preferences, whether they prefer classic styles or if a custom design would suit them better. Taking a look at current ring trends can provide you with helpful inspiration but you should always stick to choices that align with your partner’s tastes. 


A Summer Picnic

Imagine a laid-back summer afternoon, a cosy blanket and a basket full of your favourite treats. Going to a secluded spot for a picnic provides a relaxed and intimate setting where you can share this momentous occasion together. 


Choose a scenic area, maybe with a view of a lake or in a flower-filled park and let the natural beauty enhance the romantic mood. When dessert time approaches, surprise your loved one with the ring! 


How To Plan The Perfect Summer Proposal

A Quiet Beach

Plan a sunset walk along the shore of a quiet beach. Unless you want spectators, you should arrange this at a time when the beach is less crowded. The sound of waves, the soft sand underfoot and the stunning colours of the setting sun create a romantic ambiance that’s hard to surpass. 


You can simply pop the question as the sun sets or over dinner on the shore. This turns a beach stroll into an unforgettable engagement. 


Destination Proposal

Choosing a destination for your proposal can add an element of excitement and novelty. Whether it’s a city known for romance like Paris or a secluded spot in the Greek islands, the key is to select a location that resonates with personal or romantic significance. There are so many romantic proposal destinations around the world – you’ll be spoiled for choice. 


How To Plan The Perfect Summer Proposal

Dinner at a Restaurant

A classic dinner proposal combines fine dining with traditional romance. You can choose a restaurant with a view or somewhere that means a lot to the both of you. 


Coordinate with the staff beforehand to ensure the moment is seamless, from the perfect table to the timing of presenting the ring, perhaps hidden in a dessert or delivered with a glass of champagne.


How To Plan The Perfect Summer Proposal


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