Supplier Spotlight: Documentary Wedding Photography With Neil Senior

Today we’re sharing the work of Neil Senior, a documentary wedding photographer who has previously attended The ECO Wedding Shows in Cambridge and Norfolk as an exhibitor and is a member of  The ECO Wedding Collective. Neil has been acknowledged by the LUX Wedding Awards and Hitched Wedding Awards as a regional talent. Today we’re catching up with him to find out more about Neil Senior Photography and why he loves documenting couples’ weddings.


Bride and groom kiss in woodland setting


“I’m Neil, a celebrated documentary wedding photographer based in Norfolk. Working with couples across Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk, my passion lies in capturing the unscripted beauty of your special day. With an eco-conscious heart, I honour each couple’s love by planting a tree in their name within my ‘Wild Wedding Grove’, intertwining their legacy with nature’s everlasting growth. Drawing inspiration from my affinity for creativity, the natural world, and the unique stories of people, my approach is deeply rooted in authenticity and documentary style. I strive to capture the essence of your love in its purest form, focusing on candid moments over posed photographs. If you’re seeking to relive your wedding day through images that resonate with genuine emotion and untold stories, allowing you to experience those fleeting moments you might have missed, I’m here to bring that vision to life. Let’s create something beautiful and lasting together!


What are your influences when you create?

My speciality is capturing natural, docu-style and creative images: showcasing the ‘real’ vibe and memories from your wedding. I’m influenced by nature and wildlife.”


Bride in white wedding gown

Who is your typical couple?

“Relaxed and laid back, couples who are looking to document their day the way it naturally unfolds.”


Bridal couple with bubbles

How important is being sustainable?

“Massively! As a wedding photographer, it is inevitable that I use a lot of electricity editing and travel is part and parcel of my job. Although I love travelling to weddings across the UK I realise that this creates a carbon footprint. In a quest to offset this and become as eco-friendly as possible, I have teamed up with Carbon Neutral Britain & Trees for Life. With every wedding photography booking I take, I plant a tree on your behalf! I’ve also teamed up with Carbon Neutral Britain, to step up my game to make a significant impact. Each year, I’m set to offset 20 tonnes of CO². To put that into perspective, that’s over 133% of the average emissions produced by a person in the UK over the same period. This effort doesn’t just bring me to carbon neutrality; it propels me into being carbon positive!”


Wedding couple on the beach

Couple in front of church


What are you most proud of so far?

“I’m proud to have received some amazing accolades, including; top regional Norfolk documentary wedding photographer by Lux Wedding Awards and Hitched Wedding Awards. Along with my sustainability efforts to plant a tree on behalf each couple I work with.”


Wedding couple in hot house

What is next for you and your company?

“As I continue to work hard in offsetting my carbon footprint, I’ve recently switched over to gallery and image downloads, meaning I no longer offer USB’s instead couples receive high-resolution digital downloads.”


Male couple wearing morning suits


Wedding reception guest




Phone 07944 474092


Facebook @neilseniorphotography

Instagram @neilseniorphotography




Documentary Wedding Photography With Neil Senior




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