Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

One of the most meticulously planned days of our lives is our wedding day, yet so many people claim they barely remember it or didn’t enjoy it as much as they should have because they were so busy worrying about other people and getting things done that they didn’t have time for themselves. It is important to love every second of it and not be caught up with timings, who is doing what and when and general worrying in any way. Here are our tips for having a stress free wedding.


Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

Wedding coordinators 

A wedding planner can assist in reducing the stress associated with organising a wedding, tracking down information and rates, and gathering all the necessary elements. You can trust that they will be accurate, alert, and skilled because they do this as part of their job. After that, you can enjoy enjoyable activities like cake tasting, garment shopping, and ring shopping. 


Don’t Make Things Too Complicated 

Couples that complicate matters beyond what is necessary are consistently the most stressed-out ones I work with. Biting off more than you can chew in the “DIY details” department can rapidly turn into a mega-headache, even though personal details are lovely. And let’s face it, there are some items that are just simpler to purchase pre-made or even hire. When you can hire bunting online for less than the cost of the materials, do you really want to hand make it by hand for three weeks, especially if you’re not that crafty? Is it really necessary to offer guests a choice of menu items if doing so requires asking 200 guests what they want to eat in advance and keeping track of who made which selections with the caterer?


Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding


Photographer/Visual Storyteller 

Meet with your photographer and videographer before the big day. Find any mock shots that you would want to attempt to duplicate, and specify the location, time, style, and any other details you can think of. Then, since everything has been planned out in advance, you can have a stress free wedding day. Don’t worry too much about having your picture taken; just make sure you are in it, grinning, laughing, dancing, and enjoying yourself because these are your memories of the day. 


Obtain A Dance Outfit 

After the wedding ceremony and the beautiful images, it’s time to eat and dance the night away with your new spouse. Wedding gowns can be exceedingly extravagant, large meaning dancing can sometimes be tricky. You want something that is equally glamorous, doesn’t touch the ground and is more flexible. Otherwise, you can wind up with alcohol, dirt, and other things all over your dress, ruining it and making it difficult to remove. To feel comfortable and be able to move freely on the dance floor, you can even trade in your heels for some Converse. 


Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding



Who’s on child duty? 

If you have children, especially smaller ones, you should assign someone to look after them and possibly even take them home to spend the night. Therefore, their grandparents or aunts and/or uncles would be a plausible choice. You’ll have a lot of well-wishers and friends catching up with you, so you’ll want to know that someone is watching over your loved ones. Knowing that someone can pick them up at a reasonable hour and drive them home so they can get a good night’s sleep is crucial because you’ll probably be out late dancing, drinking, and celebrating.


All About The Delegate 

Mums and bridesmaids are ideal for helping with administrative and planning activities, and there will be lots on the list to be delegated, but you should also consider the many logistical tasks that will need to be completed throughout the ceremony. Your ushers and best man can be assigned specific duties on the big day to make sure everything goes as planned. Every wedding party member receives an email with a guidebook I write outlining their unique tasks for the day about three weeks before the wedding. It outlines all the crucial deadlines, guidelines, and activities that they must do. Everything is greatly simplified as a result nowadays. Mum might be in charge of keeping cards and gifts secure, an usher might be in charge of escorting visitors for pictures, a bridesmaid might be in charge of packing up your belongings, organising delivery with the wedding florist and arranging to have them transported to the honeymoon destination, and so on. Stress can be minimised if you ensure that everyone is aware of their position in advance.


Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding


Make a thorough budget

Making a thorough budget is important. Spend some time outlining your budget if your financial situation is causing you distress. Make a broad wedding budget, then go a step further by dividing the funds into other categories. Making a budget spreadsheet will enable you to keep track of your spending as you go and see where you may need to make cuts.


Assemble a to-do list 

You might feel as though you have to climb a huge mountain of responsibilities while you arrange your wedding. If you approach it without a strategy, you’ll rapidly feel overwhelmed. Procrastination and anxiety may result from this, which may then increase stress. Use a tangible wedding planner with calendars, worksheets, checklists, and other resources. This will help you stay on schedule and within your budget, and it will keep all of your planning in one convenient location.


Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding


Don’t worry about perfection 

You will experience setbacks when arranging your wedding, just like in other aspects of life. It’s okay that way. Accepting imperfection is crucial since it is unavoidable. You won’t recall that the floral arrangements you wanted weren’t in season or that you couldn’t find the precise table runners you saw online once the wedding was over. Keep your eye on the larger picture whenever you start to fuss and feel overwhelmed.


Even while there may never be a time when preparing for a wedding is fully stress-free, it’s important to look after yourself. Take a moment to relax, take a step back, and consider these suggestions if you are feeling overburdened.



Top Planning Tasks And Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

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