The Ultimate Save the Date Guide

You need to take care of many things when it comes to planning your wedding. This includes the wedding dress, cake, venue, and food. One task that you need to check off your list early on is the much awaited save the date cards for your attendees. They give guests a heads-up of the coming wedding before sending the actual wedding invites.  


Although it’s not necessary to send them if you prefer not to, there are some benefits to doing so, which may make you want to reconsider. Save the date cards will give invitees the time to work on their schedule, which increases the chance of having most of them show up on your big day. Below are things you need to know before sending out your save the date cards. 


The Ultimate Save the Date Guide


List the name of guests you want to invite 

Before creating the save the dates, know the full names of the guests you wish to invite. So, sit down with your fiancé and take the time to select the people you wish to share your big day with. You don’t want to miss anyone special to you as you want to spend that extraordinary moment with them. This includes thinking about evening wedding invites too. Once you are 100% sure of your list, you can start creating your save the dates.


 Choose the material and design 

 Your save the dates can have the same material and design as your wedding invitation, or you can create them differently. It all falls to your preference. Although some couples now send save the dates and wedding invitations via email especially if you are having an eco-friendly wedding, you may still want to consider sending printed ones. Email invites can get lost in the inbox or spam folder, or even get accidentally deleted. On the other hand, a printed invite brings a more personal touch, especially since a wedding is an intimate affair.


Plus, they would probably keep it secured, and it will serve as a reminder of your special day. If you are looking for an elegant feel, have the save the dates printed with that in mind.  You can take charge yourself and design wedding invitations with a unique look to astonish your guests. Otherwise, there are lots of different designs out there, with lots of different companies that offer luxury wedding cards.  In addition, it will be more convenient to get both the save the dates and wedding invites from one service provider as you don’t have to talk to different people and there will be continuity in design.


The Ultimate Save the Date Guide


Provide the details of the wedding

 The next question is what information you need to have on the save the dates. First, of course, your name and that of your partner’s should be there, and a phrase that will let them know you’re getting married, like “John and Anna are tying the knot.” Next, include information about the wedding, such as the date and venue. Also, to prevent confusion, list the names of everyone you wish to invite if sending it to a family. For instance, you may list the name of your uncle, aunt, and their children, so they would know that their family friend, neighbour, or the girlfriend of one of the children should not tag along.  


The Ultimate Save the Date Guide


Ideally, you should send the save the dates at least four to six months before the wedding. If you suddenly decide to change the date or venue after sending the cards, let the invitees know as soon as possible by sending another set of updated cards. The official wedding invitation should follow.  


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