What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer?

Once the big question has been popped and the date has been set, you need to start planning your wedding day. You’ll need to pick the venue, food, cake, and dozens of other details. One of the most important of those will be hiring a wedding photographer.


With so many talented people out there, you need to know what to look for before you hire one. These tips will ensure you make the best choice for an Islamorada wedding photographer (or indeed any photographer!).


A Personality That Fits with Yours

Your wedding photographer will be someone you’ll be working intently with and someone you’ll trust to capture all those precious moments. You need to feel comfortable with them since you’ll be spending a large chunk of your time in their presence. You may love the photos your best friend’s photographer took, but if you don’t click with their personality, they’re just not the right fit. 



Photography Styles You Love

Every wedding photographer has their own style and the way they work the lens is a work of art. In addition to meshing with their personality, you need to love the work they do. Spend some time looking through their galleries and see if this is the style you want for your wedding photos.



The Ability to Take Charge

While you don’t want someone who is mean and overbearing, you do want a wedding photographer who will take charge of the situation. That means asking wedding guests to step out of the way for important shots as well as diving deep into the party and providing directives to get those shots that will make your wedding album a true treasure.


What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer?


Extensive Experience with Wedding Photography

Someone who enjoys photography as a hobby is simply not the same as a professional wedding photographer. You may have a friend or family member volunteer for free or for a supremely low price, but don’t do it. Most people who cut corners on hiring a wedding photographer for their big day regret it.


Wedding memories are precious, and you want to hire a professional for the job. They will have the right equipment from cameras to lighting to capture the day in the most beautiful of ways. The photographer you choose should be more than just an experienced professional. They should be experienced in photographing weddings and have a portfolio to show it. 



An Array of Packages and Versatile Options

Every wedding photographer will have packages that you can choose from. You may prefer digital files that you can use to create your own album, or you may prefer someone putting the printed copies together for you. Either way, gain a better understanding of what you get as the final product.


You also should make sure there are engagement sessions. If they’re included in the wedding package, that will sweeten the deal. These sessions are important for you and the photographer, ensuring you’re on the same page. It will also help you feel a little more relaxed about at least one thing on your wedding day. 


Prices That Fit Your Budget

Wedding photography is unique in that it provides a service and a product all in one. For an experienced photographer, it’s not going to be the cheapest option on your wedding planning list, but it will be well worth the cost of capturing those priceless memories.


Still, you likely have a budget to stick to and it only makes sense to choose a photographer that you can afford. It’s important to ask what is included in the prices of the packages. Keep in mind that your wedding photographer will be spending anywhere from 8 to 12 hours with you on your wedding day and weeks perfecting your images before they deliver them. If you love their work but simply can’t make the price work for you, consider choosing a smaller package or seeing how much it would cost to hire them for a shorter span of time.



Protocols for Emergency Situations

When asking a potential wedding photographer about their services, make sure you find out what their plans are in emergency situations. Your photographer should have protections in place for erased memory cards, failing equipment, weather, and other unfortunate events.


Your special day is a once in a lifetime event, so be sure you choose wisely when you look for a wedding photographer. 


What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer?

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