Prioritising To Feel Better: Reducing Stress While Wedding Planning & Beyond

Wedding planning is stressful; so many things to organise, managing budgets and ensuring all the boxes are ticked all while living your normal life. The everyday To Do list should take priority but that can be tough when you’re both so excited about your wedding day. Priorities and reducing stress go hand in hand. Experts say that people with clear life priorities are more prone to reduce stress and remain unaffected by external factors. However, prioritising and maintaining a perfect life balance is hard especially when you throw a wedding into the mix. It takes dedication, experience,  and some tips. Let’s see how you can effectively manage your time to avoid or reduce stress, achieve a desirable work-life balance, and enjoy your life more. Here are some tips to help you set the right priorities and minimise stress beyond wedding planning.


How To Manage Planning A Wedding While Being a Student: Tips For Balancing


Identify Your Priorities

Starting with the obvious step, you need to identify your priorities. Think about what areas in your life deserve to be priorities or what areas you prefer to prioritise to achieve greater goals. For example, you will probably choose among such categories as personal life (family, relationships, dating, etc.), health (exercising, physical health, self-care), career (college, money-making, job), personal growth, hobbies, wedding planning and others. 


Spending time in all these categories is essential for your well-being and good quality of life. However, you need to set your priorities to allocate time accordingly. People can choose priorities by seeing where they lack attention, like in the family or self-care sector. They may also prioritise areas they want to achieve higher success, like in education or career. 


Determining what truly matters to you at this stage in life will help you work on your goals with precision and dedication. Remember that you will still need to pay attention to other areas in life. Meanwhile, you allow your priorities to guide you even through stressful times. 



Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation for successful and productive beginnings. You need to take care of your body so it pays you back the same. Strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle where your body and mind work alongside you, not against you. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and a good night’s sleep are a perfect start, especially if we’re talking about students health


Regular exercise and a healthy diet will give you all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for normal body and brain work while also boosting your mood, providing energy, and improving your sleep. Physical activity will also help with stress, improve your confidence, and keep your mind busy when you workout. 


Prioritising To Feel Better: Reducing Stress While Wedding Planning & Beyond



Stay Organised and Practice Self-Discipline 

Stress always comes with time sensitivity and pressure. So, stay on top of the game, and don’t let it become your daily routine. This will help you visualise what needs to be done, keep your eyes on the prize, and make planning less overwhelming. A proper plan for the day won’t leave much room for anxious thoughts or procrastination. 


You can also apply various time management techniques to overcome those tasks without pressure or stress. In addition, staying organised and disciplined will help you reduce procrastination. Dragging your tasks till the last moment facilitates a sense of urgency and creates unnecessary stress. So you better practice self-discipline and tackle tasks promptly to prevent last-minute rushes.



Learn to Say No

This one is pretty important. You should learn when to say no and refuse tasks you can’t or don’t want to complete. Not everything is under your control. Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you prioritise your health and your time more. Plus, not all tasks require urgent management and your attention. 


Try to apply this rule in a professional setting and personal life and see how your stress levels drop day by day. Such a rule will reduce stress and help you focus on the priorities. That’s also why students mental health is at such a risk these days. Students have too many tasks these days and not enough time to meet all the expectations. So, sometimes, it is better to delegate than push a last-minute task into your to-do list or multitask. Sometimes, you will benefit from saying no straight away than taking a task you know you can’t complete on time. 


That’s why student services like Papers Owl exist in the first place. By the way, you can easily find reviews online if you wonder, “But is papers owl legit?” In addition, saying no teaches you to recognize your time limits and non-essential tasks. Thus, you learn to keep your force locked on the prize rather than switching and starting multiple things at once. It is healthy to avoid overloading yourself with too many responsibilities. Learning to say no will help you achieve that.


Prioritising To Feel Better: Reducing Stress While Wedding Planning & Beyond

Practice Self-Care and Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques can help you stay present and focused. Most self-care techniques will help you achieve a calmer state of mind without stress and worries. This is also the practice of grounding you in the present, limiting your worries about the future or the pains of the past.


You can incorporate regular self-care days into your weeks to practice relaxation and mindfulness. Such breaks will help you avoid burnout and recharge you with more energy and positive emotions. You can read this review at to delegate some of your homework to create more room for resting.


Also, consider engaging in fun and relaxing activities on these days. Exercising, meditation, long walks or hikes, and fun time with friends can help you be more productive and less stressed during the rest of the week.



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