The Pros And Cons Of Following Wedding Trends

Planning a wedding involves making countless decisions, from the venue and décor to the dress, suit and cake. With the ever-changing landscape of wedding trends, couples often find themselves contemplating whether to follow the latest fads or stay true to their unique vision. In this article, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of embracing wedding trends, helping you navigate this decision-making process with confidence. So, let’s explore whether following wedding trends is the right choice for you.



Pros of Following Wedding Trends:


Fresh and Modern Style

One of the main advantages of following wedding trends is the opportunity to showcase a fresh and modern style. Trends can provide inspiration, introducing you to innovative ideas and designs that you might not have considered otherwise. Embracing current trends can give your wedding a contemporary and fashionable touch, making it visually appealing and memorable.


Wide Availability of Resources

When a trend gains popularity, it often leads to an increase in available resources, making it easier for couples to find products and services that align with their vision. From specialised suppliers to dedicated Pinterest boards, following trends can provide you with a wealth of inspiration and options to bring your dream wedding to life. It can save you time and effort in researching and sourcing unique elements.


Connection with the Wedding Community

By following wedding trends, you can feel connected to a larger community of couples who share similar interests and styles. Engaging with this community can provide a sense of belonging and support, allowing you to exchange ideas, gain advice, and share your own experiences. It can be exciting to participate in the ongoing conversations and collaborations within the wedding industry.


Joanna Southwell, Co-Founder, GOWN Bridal Market loves a bridal trends!


“I love bridal trends. Trends breathe fresh air into a previously steady part of the wedding industry. They allow brides to be brave and try something that they may not have done before. Something that was not in the magazines the previous year. Not every woman wants to wear the classic bridal look on her day and fashion trends allow brides to explore their style. It was not long ago that a wedding dress meant a structured and heavy garment that often took over the person wearing it. Now, thanks to trends such as bridal separates, mini dresses and flowing boho dresses, brides can truly feel and look like themselves on their wedding day. Leave the stuffy behind and celebrate a fun and personal bridal look. 


Trends also let fashion girls really lean into their sartorial choices for their wedding day. There is no need to look like everyone else. Brides can pick the latest bridal trends and feel like they are on trend whilst walking down the aisle. The endless styles of wedding dresses now available is something we love at GOWN Bridal Market. We showcase wedding dresses, separates and accessories from the very best independent bridal designers. We feature a variety of wedding dress styles and fashions. Whatever kind of bride a woman wants to be, we have you covered.” 



Cons of Following Wedding Trends:


Lack of Individuality

One downside of following trends is the risk of your wedding feeling generic or lacking personal touches. Trends, by nature, are popular and widely adopted, which means your wedding may end up looking similar to others who have followed the same trend. If uniqueness and personal expression are important to you, you may find it more rewarding to deviate from trends and create a wedding that reflects your individuality.


Short-Lived Appeal

Wedding trends, like any fashion trends, have a tendency to come and go. What is popular today may be outdated tomorrow. If you choose to incorporate trendy elements, be aware that they may lose their appeal over time, potentially dating your wedding photos and memories. Opting for timeless and classic choices, on the other hand, can ensure that your wedding remains timeless and never goes out of style.


Budget Considerations

Wedding trends can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. As a trend gains popularity, its demand increases, resulting in higher costs for associated products and services. If you’re working with a tight budget, following every trend might not be feasible. Prioritising what truly resonates with you and allocating your budget accordingly can help maintain a balance between staying on-trend and adhering to your financial limitations.



Leading wedding and events planner Lavinia Stewart-Brown comments:


“Trends can be a really good inspiration but you absolutely need to make your day yours and set your own! I am personally not one for wedding trends for this reason – I always say to clients, think about all your guests who have already seen this before at other weddings and think about doing something different to make your day more memorable.


One trend we used to see a lot of was the floral wall and I would always encourage brides to think about other ways they could have a statement piece for guests to take pictures in front of to avoid this very issue. For example, one time we did a floral hoop over the bar instead to still have that statement floral element without following the herd.


One key trend I’ve noticed this wedding season is that people are stepping away from cakes – we’re definitely seeing more naked cakes or alternatives like pavlovas or a croquembouche. We’re also seeing the rise of the ‘anti-perfect’ flowers with more wild, unstructured displays of seasonal blooms, even at the most polished of weddings. Another new trend that I’ve noticed is the move away from one table centrepiece – I love the look of multiple bud vases to fill up the space and I personally think this looks much prettier! I’ve also seen couples use multiple candles of different heights to add a little dimension to tables which is great for creating a more intimate atmosphere.”



Deciding whether to follow wedding trends ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. While trends can bring a fresh and modern aesthetic to your wedding, they may compromise individuality and have a limited lifespan. It’s essential to strike a balance between incorporating trends that genuinely resonate with you and staying true to your unique vision for your special day. Remember, your wedding should be a reflection of your love story and personal style. So, embrace trends if they align with your vision, but also don’t shy away from breaking the mould and creating a wedding that is truly yours. At the end of the day – it’s your wedding so you do you!




The Pros And Cons Of Following Wedding Trends


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