How To Create An Amazing Wedding Guest Book Table That Your Guests Will Flock To

Have you ever been to a wedding and realised that you didn’t sign the guest book? Or you don’t remember feeling attracted to a wedding guest book table at all? It’s not what you want at your own wedding so here are some tips to create an amazing guest table that your guests will be drawn to.


Wedding Guest Book Table Ideas

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Your Wedding Guest Book Table Should Be Interactive

A wedding guest book table should be interactive and attract people’s attention. Just simply placing a book on a table, with some pens, and hoping your guests will sign it isn’t enough to get the best out of your guest book table. You need to think about touch points – including things for people to do that can get their attention and draw them in.


Consider how people can interact with what is there for them. People love picking things up and investigating because we are curious beings. Using things and trying things out. They want an attraction there that feels exciting. So how exactly can you do this?


It Doesn’t Have To Be A Book

I know we are talking ‘wedding guest book table’ BUT you don’t have to go for a book. There are so many interesting options now as an alternative. From Jenga blocks, thumbprint marking to signing vinyl records. Think of something that you love as a couple and consider how you might use that. People are always attracted to things that they know are meaningful. You might place vinyl records for people to sign off all the songs you love as a couple. You could even get people to think about writing out date ideas for you for the first year you are married. Or if you’re a little more daring – get your guests to fill out a list of creative or daring tasks or places to visit together.


Wedding Guest Book Table Ideas


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Add Some Food To Your Wedding Guest Table

If there is one thing that attracts people more than anything, it’s food. Why not have some sweets or desserts on your guestbook table to entice your guests? You could even merge a dessert table with your guestbook table – hitting two big touchpoints for your guests in one!


The tip with this is to consider the placement of each item because you don’t want to end up with sticky fingers all over the guest book. Think about splitting up the treats onto one side and giving people a way to help themselves (spoons, napkins, scoops etc). You can style this up by using different jars or plates and using height to make it more interesting. Then have your guestbook on the opposite side. You could even add some little signs in so people know what is what.


Wedding Guest Book Table Ideas

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Placement Of Your Wedding Guest Table

One mistake that a lot of couples make is where they place the wedding guestbook table. Often it is placed in the reception room and left until after the wedding breakfast. However, placing it in a key sight line AFTER the ceremony is the perfect way to get attention to it. There is always a gap between the ceremony and reception so it’s the ideal time to give your guests something to do. Think about an area where you know everyone is going to be at that time and place it there. It makes such a difference and I guarantee you will have so many more people signing or writing.


Top Tip – If you are having drinks after the ceremony – this could be the perfect area to place it.


Styling And Decor Items On Your Wedding Guest Table

So you want to attract your guests to your table so they sign, take photos or do whatever you would love them to do. Considering what else you use on the table and how you style it, along with the above, can make all the difference in getting your guests to come over.


Here are my top styling tips to consider for a fab guest book table:


● Start with what you want to include on the table and work from that as your basis. So if you want to have your guestbook or alternative guestbook, what else will you want beside it?

● Then think about the type of table you want. Your venue will have tables but you don’t have to use theirs. Just check in on any restrictions first. Link this to your overall wedding theme and style so if you are more vintage then could you get a dresser to use? For a boho vibe, you might use a stunning wooden table or you can even create your table.

● Once you know what you are having on the table and the type of table you want to use then start thinking about the decor. What do your wedding tables look like? Create or add some decoration that adds to your style. Flowers in small vases, adding in some foliage or pampas if you are a boho lover can make an impact. You want people’s eyes to be drawn to it. Draping gorgeous fabrics over the table can look stunning. Or if you are using a dresser or anything with drawers – utilise them.

● You can also arrange some gorgeous neon signs on the tables to make your wedding tables more sophisticated and ambient. Especially at night, it will be a bright attraction for your guests.

● Use dreamy wedding tablecloths to add colour to your guestbook table. You may opt for pristine white tablecloths and neutral-colored table overlays that will match your wedding theme. If you have a lovely wooden guest book table, simply add chiffon table runners and a few faux florals or greenery such as pampas grass stems and scatter them decoratively along with your centerpieces for a laid-back look



Wedding Guest Book Table Ideas


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Putting Everything Together

Putting it together should be fun. There are so many ways to style a really good wedding guestbook table but ultimately you want to think about these few things when styling;

● Height and placement – Use different height vases or signage on the table to build an impact and create some drama.

● Touchpoints – Make it clear what you would love people to do. Use signage to let people know what they can do.

● Sightlines – Place items in key sightlines so it draws people’s attention. Don’t hide elements you want people to focus on behind other things. The decor will help to attract but ultimately if it’s the book to sign or an alternative – make sure to make that the centre of attention on the table.


There are so many ways to create an amazing guest book table that will attract your guest’s attention. It just takes considering the few ideas above and remembering people are always drawn to visual attractions and interactive elements. Create intrigue and style.



How To Create An Amazing Wedding Guest Book Table




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